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The Purpose of Life

This life here upon earth has a great meaning and significance. Without knowing the significance, you cannot live this life in a correct and proper way. It is most necessary to know the great aim, purpose, and goal of this your earthly life. Otherwise, instead of moving towards this true goal, your life will lose its correct direction and become side-tracked in running after small and petty aims and purposes. This will only result in misery, restlessness, and deep disappointment. There is no greater loss than such a fate.

Man is born for the living of divine life here and the attainment of sublime, higher, spiritual experiences. This is a grand, divine plan for each and every one in the human family. You are indeed divine. You are not merely the body and intellect. You are different from the perishable body of flesh and bones and from the mind and intellect which are finite and changeable. You are unchangeable, infinite, immortal Atman (the divine soul). You are only dreaming this agitated dream of being a little, weak, imperfect, human individual afflicted by egoism and selfishness, by desires and cravings, by fears and anxieties, by love and hate, and numerous other painful conditions.

O Beloved Child, when will you wake up from this deep sleep of ignorance? Come, come, wake up now. Recognize your true identity and enter into a life of joy, peace, and wisdom which is your essential nature. To attain your essential nature is the central purpose of your life. Therefore, live wisely. Attain this goal and make your life a true success.

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