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Essence of All Religions

God's plan for us was not just endowing us with a comfortable material life. Then we would only be well fed, well clothed, well housed, academically-degreed animals capable only of functioning upon the animal level.

What is it that distinguishes human beings? The ability to be compassionate, the ability to feel for the joys and sufferings of others, the ability to wish to ameliorate the sorrows and troubles of others. Animals, instinct bound, are able to live for themselves. Human beings are the unique creatures, the unique animal in God's creation, who can think of others, who can try to live for others. Living for oneself every bird and beast can do.

If, while you live for yourself, you also start living for others, wanting to make others happy, then you become human, because this is the essence of humanness. Understanding that what is unpleasant and painful to you is unpleasant and painful to others also, live in such a way that you do not give such experience to others. Knowing also that those things which give you joy and happiness, must similarly give joy and happiness to others, engage yourself in doing such things that bring about these similar experiences to others.

What is religion but fulfilling the will of God in our daily lives as it has been expressed in the wisdom teachings of all the great scriptures of the world, as it has been expressed in the lives of all the saints, sages, seers, messiahs, prophets and messengers which He has been sending from time to time to remind us of His will. Fulfilling the will of God in our daily lives is the soul of religion. Otherwise, if religion is a thing to be confined to some time of the week in some place in our city and no more than that, then our world has no hope of any improvement. It is only when true religion fills us from the top of our heads to the tip of our toe nails and becomes part and parcel of the living of our lives, then alone this world can be a place where to live would be a joy, to live would be to love.

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