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There is something within each of us, within each being, each creature, that is the same in all. This innermost essence knits all existence into a mystical oneness in which all differences are transcended and dissolved. It is when you are activated in the depth of your being that you get the blessing of this oneness.

This oneness goes beyond the barriers of creed or dogma or theology of any sect or cult. It is the deepest innermost essence of each individual spirit. It is this inner stirring within the heart of the individual that is the eternal religion, that is the one great power that pervades the whole world, which immediately makes one kin with all that exists.

It makes a human being kin, not only with another human being, but even with a blade of grass, or a flower, or a little beetle, or a bee, or even with the wild beast of the jungle. You feel kinship with all nature through this power. It is the power of God's love.

And the power of God's love stirs, not in the human brain or the human intellect, but in the human heart. It is this power that makes one give up one's life for the life of another, to do anything for the benefit of another. No sacrifice is too great. A sacrifice is not even looked upon as sacrifice. "I lose nothing. I gain if my brother is the gainer, because my brother is my own self. Everyone is my own self, my own reflection." For ultimately, that is the supreme commandment of all the Great Ones: to love one another.

At this moment in time, at the close of the 20th century, let us all make up our minds that whosoever is with us, whosoever is in front of us, is my neighbour, my brother, my sister. Let us relate ourselves to one another by expressing His love and in this way strive to overcome the clash and conflict, hatred and violence that is so prevalent nowadays. That the brotherhood and harmony of all living being may prevail.

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