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The Vediic Vision of Life

Whether you know it or not, it is an unalterable fact that you live in the presence of God every moment of your life. The Vedic vision of man makes one fearless. It makes one recognize one's deathless immortal nature, one's imperishable divine nature-beyond name and form, transcending time and space, without birth and death, supreme, unborn, eternal, imperishable, never changing. Established in this view, convinced of this truth, the true follower of the ancient Vedic way of life is fearless. Such a one laughs at death; he knows that death has no meaning for him. It may apply to this physical cage of flesh and bones in which he is imprisoned for a little while, but he is ever ready. But nevertheless, he is ever prepared to utilize life to the very fullest for the highest blessedness of himself and for the highest good of one and all. "We are but passing pilgrims here. Therefore, let us do maximum benefit to God's creation in which we live and through which we pass."

Thus, there is only this one great intention, one great objective, one great thought: "let me be a centre of maximum benefit and blessedness to all beings around me." That is the true Vedic ideal of life-to live and be in this world, not for oneself, not for anything else, but for the highest good of all and also the supreme blessedness of oneself. The follower of the Vedic view accepts life as a great gift. He knows its value, and he tries to utilise it for the highest attainment and for the maximum good of one and all. Therefore, he combines a robust and most practical pragmatism with the highest transcendental idealism-absolutely fearless, aware of the great worth of this brief sojourn on earth. "I know that everything is transitory; I know that all my connections are ephemeral. Nevertheless, while they are there they are meaningful. I shall grasp life with both hands, and say "yes" to life with all joy in my heart, and I shall put every faculty that I have received from God to the highest and best use, having but one view-the happiness of all, the good of all, the service of God in man."

Thus, there is at once a down-to-earth reality along with the highest supreme flights of transcendental idealism-a strange, unbelievable combination, but also a most wonderful and beautiful combination. With great compassion, recognizing the relative reality of this earth appearance, one plays the game of life with great expertise, ever the source of help and service, of peace and harmony. The Vedic vision grants us the supreme privilege of fearlessly moving through life knowing that we are ever free, but at the same time, most beneficially moving through life with universal goodwill and ceaseless giving of oneself for the happiness of one and all. May you all live life endowed with this knowledge and vision, with this inner light and insight, and thus live to enrich God's creation, enrich the life of each and every one whom the Supreme Being brings you into contact with. Be a light in the darkness! May God's grace abide in you!

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