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The Greatest Discovery of Our Upanishadic Seers

The Creator who shines amidst all created beings, who is nearer to them than anything else, who is more their own than any other single thing, that Being is not know by them. Being closest to us, we feel Him not. Present everywhere, we perceive Him not. This non-perception has been given the metaphysical term "maya." Due to maya the ever-present is not recognised, the ever proximate is regarded as being remote, to be reached only with difficulty. Thus we search for that Being who is ever found. What exists is One without a second. One and One alone and non-dual is that great Reality, eternally existing, ever-present, infinite. There is no second, there is One and One alone. Whatever exists, inheres in that One without a second. The term "maya" is only a term to describe an extraordinary, inexplicable state of that Universal Being, which being One and non-dual is everywhere present, yet is not recognised nor comprehended. It is nothing but a mysterious something emanating from Brahman Himself. It is His effulgence that seemingly hides that radiant, effulgent Reality.

The relevance and importance of this great discovery of the Upanishadic seers is that it tells the seeking soul that there is no problem outside himself. There is no obstacle obstructing his path apart from himself. There is no dichotomy such as God and Satan. You are not to contend with anything outside yourself, because there is nothing outside working against your liberation. Whatever is, is within you. All problems emanate from within you. All solutions are to be sought and found and applied within you. Everything is there. Only perceive-open your eyes and perceive. This makes one fearless. You do not have to fear a devil, or some malevolent power that seems to be so powerful that one cannot escape.

So, one is told, "Wake up from this dream. You are never bound. You are never imperfect." What a tremendous discovery this is! What a bold and brave assertion this is! How can there be anything but one hundred per cent pure Divinity in that which I am? I am ever free, ever full, and ever pure. This is to be fully grasped and absorbed. This is why Gurudev said, "Come, come! Liberation and bliss are your birthright. Why do you prolong your bondage unnecessarily? Claim your birthright now, not in the distant future." Gurudev affirmed this wonderful fact that there is nothing that can prevent you from achieving that which is yours already. There is no power on earth, no power in the universe that can come in the way of your affirming your reality. It is yours! Only, you have to shake off lethargy, shake off negativity, sake off indifference and wake up, and be what you already are.

Therefore, focus your mind on Brahman. Then maya will disappear. The moment you take your mind away from Brahman you are in maya with all this delusion. All these miseries arise because we do not seek to know the ever-present Reality by daily introspection. We are so busy with the world around us that we have no time for the world within. Almost all transformation, almost all commencement of a new life begins with self-searching and introspection. If this is not done, we will never get anywhere. All sadhana is ultimately putting an end to unnecessary negative thoughts, dismissing them as empty nothings.

The ultimate call has been given as: "Arise, awake and attain illumination." Do that now! Take refuge in the Supreme. "Those who take refuge in Me alone, they cross over this illusion." May the Supreme Reality shower grace and reveal Itself, not in the distant future, but right now, here in this very moment! May you be granted success in this Self-discovery!

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