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Bhujangasana (Serpent posture)



Lie prone on the ground with your forehead touching the ground. Place the palms down, on the floor below the shoulders. Keep the elbows close to the body. Keep the knees together. Extend the toes back, pointing them to the rear. Pressing the palms hard against the floor, inhale and slowly raise the upper part of the body. Draw the head far back feeling the vertebrae bend one by one, until the body from the navel downwards alone touches the floor. Feel that the entire weight of the body is resting on the legs and hip (rear end of the spine). No weight of the body should be on the palms. Retain the pose as long as possible (from 20 to 30 seconds). Concentrate on the abdomen and the rear end of the spine. Slowly lower the body and exhale. Release the entire body to rest on the floor and relax with deep breathing. Repeat the posture three times.

Finally, relax in Makarasana (see next posture).


This Asana tones up the spine and expands the chest. It also helps to set right minor spinal disorders. The abdominal and back muscles get themselves well stretche, thereby effecting proper circulation of blood into the regions of the spinal column, stomach and back. It helps to increase the body-heat, promotes good appetite, removes constipation and increases the digestive power. This Asana specially renders the spine supple and elastic. This means providing of good health, vitality and juvenility to the individual.

This Asana is particularly helpful for ladies in toning up the ovaries and uterus.

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