Wednesday 03 March 2021


Swami Sivananda

Maharaja Pratap Singh dig a pit on the road. He put inside the pit a big golden bar, and covered it with a big stone. Several people were passing along the road and cursing the man who put the big stone on the road. No one removed the stone that was causing trouble to the people. One day the Maharaja asked his minister to arrange for a meeting near the big stone. The minister carried out the order of the Maharaja. The Maharaja asked his servant to remove the stone. All the people saw the big golden bar. The Maharaja said "In this world all people are lazy and inert. No one cared to remove the stone, everybody was cursing others. Laziness is the cause for all deterioration. If anyone had been energetic, he would have obtained the golden bar." Remove laziness; be ever vigilant and diligent. You can attain success in every undertaking. Yoga is not for a lazy man.

Life is a gift bestowed upon man by God to be used to experience the infinite bliss that is not of this earth.

- Swami Chidananda

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