Thursday 22 April 2021


Swami Sivananda

Man, whose eyes are blinded by ignorance, seeks them in the shadow, the essenceless Samsara. The mistake lies always in one's nature. The vicious atmosphere of youth-circles nowadays is intolerable. But, God has given you right understanding and discrimination with the use of which you will have to adandon the old habits, associations and modes of thoughts and turn for ever to Divine Life. You are welcome into the Divine Fold. In a bazaar you will see many things for which you have no use. But then why do you blame the shopkeeper for it. Even so the different kinds of Yoga, the different kinds of scriptures : Puranas, Agamas. Nigamas, philosophies, etc., have their own utility. Contd…

Your goal is God. Your centre is God. Your ideal is God. Turn back to God and realise everlasting bliss. Resting on Him you will be saved. As the lamp cannot burn without oil, so too, you cannot live without God. God is within you all the time, inspiring you, lifting you up. Withdraw. Aspire. Meditate. Realise.

- Swami Sivananda

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