Monday 25 January 2021


Swami Sivananda

The Atman or the Brahman has no connection with the world of change. As the sun is not sullied by the faults of the eyes, the Atman is not sullied by the defects of the world. As one fire has entered the world and becomes corresponding in form to every form, so the one Atman of all things is corresponding in form to every form, and yet is outside all these. The goodness, the light, the pleasure and the beauty of the world is not to be found there even in name. .Even the splendour of the sun and the grandeur of the creator is superceded by the Absolute. That state is experienced when the senses cease to work together with the mind and when the intellect does not move, and when there is nothing but Consciousness. When all desires that are lodged in the heart are liberated1, then the mortal becomes Immortal. Herein he attains Brahman.

Prayer is the wing by which you fly to God. Meditation or intuition is the eye by which you see God. Pray fervently unto the Lord. Pray for the Lord's light and guidance.

- Swami Sivananda

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