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Time-Table for an Aspirant

by Swami Sivananda




7 00

Asana and exercises

0 50


1 30


0 10


0 15

Japa and meditation

2 00

Study of Gita and other scriptures

4 00

Food and rest

3 45

Nishkamya Seva

3 00

Bath etc.

1 00

Mantra writing

0 30




24 00


Note-A model daily routine is given here. It was observed by a certain young aspirant, who spent his leave in the Ashram. It is an ideal time-table, as it includes all aspects of Sadhana, giving at the same time items of health and recreation like daily walk, physical exercises, etc. It will suit even persons of delicate health, having adequate time for sleep at night and rest during daytime. Though the actual time allotted for Japa and meditation is only two hours, yet you should remember the Lord constantly throughout the day and carry mental Japa during all hours.

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