Monday 01 September 2014


Swami Sivananda

Brahman alone is. It is Brahman alone that shines as the world of variegated objects, like water differentiated by the waves into many kinds of foam, bubbles, etc. Brahman appears as the world when cognised through the mind and the senses. Maya conceals the truth and presents an error - it veils the reality and shows the world. Mistaking the body for atman or the self is called Maya. Maya screens the knowledge of atman, and therefore man mistakes one for the other. This is the cause of bondage - we have the erroneous consciousness that we are objective beings, that our actions are objective expressions projected in time and space.

Religion Means 'To Do.' It is only the one two little acts that you actually do, that constitute religion and spirituality. To rise early and take the name of the Lord for ten minutes is what real dharma is.

- Swami Sivananda

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