Sunday 15 December 2019


Swami Sivananda

As I am distinct from the senses, sound and other objects of sense have no connection with me. I am not the mind, and therefore grief, desire, hatred, fear etc., are not for me. The Srutis (scriptures) declare that the Atman is without Prana. and mind, and is pure. am without attributes, without function, eternal, doubtless, spotless, changeless, formless, eternally free and pure. Like the ether, I pervade everything, inside and outside. I am unchanging, ever the sam & settled truth, impartial, unattached, pure and motionless. I am that Supreme Brahman who is eternal, pure, free, one (without a second), undivided bliss, truth, consciousness and infinite.

Karma Yoga prepares the mind for the reception of Light and Knowledge. It expands the heart and breaks all the barriers that stand in the way of oneness or unity. Karma Yoga is an effective Sadhana for Chitta Shuddhi or purity of heart. Therefore, do selfless service constantly.

- Swami Sivananda

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