Tuesday 22 October 2019


Swami Sivananda

Education should teach pupils to love God and men. Education should instruct the students to be truthful, moral, fearless, humble and merciful. Education should teach the, students to practise right conduct, right thinking, right living, right action, self-sacrifice and attain knowledge of the Self. Educate your eyes to see God in all faces, to behold unity of Self in all beings. Educate your ears to hear the words of ancient wisdom. Educate your tongue to sing the praise of the Lord and to utter pleasant, loving and truthful words. Educate your hands to do charity and serve the poor. Educate your mind to be always cheerful and calm and to think of the immortal Atman. This is real education. Contd….

Do not jeer at any one. Do not frown at anybody. Restrain all your senses. Be cheerful always. Do not look back. Divest yourself of desire and wrath. Cast off pride. Turn your gaze inwards. Contemplate. You will enjoy true happiness.

- Swami Sivananda

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