Thursday 23 October 2014


Swami Sivananda

Meditation on the following shlokas (verses) of and on the special formulae of Sri Sankara, will pave a way in the development of your viveka (wisdom), and in separating yourself from the illusory vehicles, viz. Indriyas prana, mind and the five sheaths. The formulae of Sri Sankaracharya are, 'Brahman (the eternal) alone is truth - this world is unreal; the jiva (soul) is identical with Brahman'. The Gita says, 'the unreal hath no being; the real never ceaseth to be; the truth about both hath been perceived by the seers of the essence of things'. (Ch-II Verse 16). Reflection on this shloka will infuse viveka. Contd…

The refinement of one’s nature, the culture and purity of one’s whole personality – that is the indispensable prerequisite for the dawn of happiness in one’s life.

- Swami Chidananda

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