Saturday 05 September 2015


Swami Sivananda

Love unites the individual soul with God. It is only love that finds out God. God is the primal essence. The vision of God is a gift of God. It is not an achievement attained by human effort independent of God. God is revealed to those who love Him and whose minds have been purified by devotion to Holy Scriptures and holy preceptors, practice of Karma Yoga and more than all, Prapatthi or self-surrender. God is a lover who resides in every heart irrespective of caste and creed, high and low. Contd…

Anything that adds helps and creates Bhagavat smarana that should be encouraged, that should be practiced and should be adopted; and whatever brings about the state of Bhagavat vismruti should be carefully avoided.

- Swami Chidananda

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