Friday 24 September 2021


Swami Sivananda

You can practise this Pranayama in the morning while laying in bed your mind will become alert for commencing Japa and Dhyana. You can do it when the mind is about to lose balance on account of the agitating forces of evil Vrittis. The mind will be filled with a great power that will prevent the evil Vrittis from disturbing it. You can do it just before commencing your study; the mind will be concentrated easily and what you study will be indelibly impressed in your mind. You can do it during your office work; you will get new strength every time and you will never be tired. When you return home from the office you can practise this Pranayama and you will be recharged with fresh energy. Contd…

Appearance is the objectified character of Reality; and when this character is negative in the immediacy of experience, it is not appearance that becomes Reality, but it is Reality free from objectification that knows itself as such.

- Swami Krishnananda

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