Sunday 01 August 2021


Swami Sivananda

O crooked heart! You think one thing, speak another thing, and do a third thing. Do you want God? O, how bold are you to claim the Seat of Bliss ! Do not cheat yourself; be straightforward. These so called active spirited people of the world who work for material gains for their own sake are the most deluded creatures. They have forgotten their Real Self. Sages pity these people who are engaged in the external play of life. Those who think that they are doing injustice to the world through their Self-realisation have not yet one above the credulity of childhood. For, they do not know that the Self which is Absolute includes the whole universe, and is far beyond that. Contd…

It is impossible to use one’s commonsense when one is in the grip of intense desire; for passions have no commonsense. They have neither reason nor logic, like the overwhelming force of a mighty river in floods, or like a beast caught at bay.

- Swami Krishnananda

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