Saturday 20 August 2022


Swami Sivananda

O Lord! Thou art courage! Fill me with courage. Thou, who art mercy, fill me with mercy. Thou, who art peace, fill me with peace. Thou who art effulgence, fill me with effulgence. O Lord! Thou art the river, Thou art the cloud, Thou art the ocean, Thou art the plant, Thou art the patient, Thou art the doctor, Thou art the disease, Thou art the medicine. Pray to the Lord for guidance. He dwells in your heart. His constant remembrance will purify you and take you to the goal. Prayer is an uplifting of the soul to God. It is an act of love and adoration to Him. Prayer is nearness to God. Prayer brings a man nearer to God. Prayer represents a mystic state when the individual consciousness is absorbed in God. Pray together. Sing the Name of the Lord. Enjoy the Bliss Immortal even from this very moment. Step into the blissful joy of Satchidananda.

Satsanga is association with saints and sages. Without Satsanga the mind cannot be turned towards God. Satsanga is a formidable and impregnable fortress to protect aspirants from the temptations of Maya (illusion). Live in the company of sages, hear their valuable instructions and follow them implicitly.

- Swami Sivananda

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