Saturday 22 January 2022


Swami Sivananda

Repentance is asking for the forgiveness of the Lord with real tears of grief, and imposing some discipline on oneself in the form of Tapas. By feeling the Lord's presence everywhere, you can become fearless, and enjoy infinite peace and bliss. Rise above all sects, cults and creeds. Sectarianism is an antithesis to spiritual life. The sure way to Perfect Life is pointed out in the Gita. The message of Gita is the Yoga of synthesis, with a special emphasis on any one of the particular aspects of Yoga chosen according to the temperament of the aspirant. Disseminate the message equality, unity, and cosmic love. Dissemination of spiritual knowledge is the noblest form of service to humanity. Spiritual enlightenment can only come from those who have attained such enlightenment within themselves. Contd…

Be absorbed in your work. Give your full heart, mind and soul. Do not care for the results. Do not think of success or failure. Do not think of the past. Have complete confidence. Practise self-reliance. Be cheerful always. Keep a cool balanced mind. Work for work’s sake. Be bold and courageous. You are bound to succeed in any undertaking. This is the secret of success.

- Swami Sivananda

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