Wednesday 03 September 2014


Swami Sivananda

This world is the body of the Lord. This world, though it really is not, appears to be. Know that it is nothing, but a reflection. When you know the rope, the snake-knowledge disappears. Even so the world does not really exist, and yet appears to be existing through ignorance. It disappears with the knowledge of the atman, on which the illusion of the world is superimposed. In Brahman or the absolute, this world shines falsely, owing to ignorance. It is not true, even as dreams under the influence of sleep. It is because of illusory superimposition on the part of the individual that the empirical names and forms appear to be real. When, by the power of meditation, the effect - world - is negated as unreal, the cause - Brahman - also ceases to be a cause. The certitude or conviction that the universe is not the supreme Brahman is itself avidya (ignorance). Hence the certitude that, 'the universe is Brahman alone', is emancipation. Contd…

Nothing can be more profitable for a person than to be one’s own self.

- Swami Krishnananda

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