Sunday 30 April 2017


Swami Sivananda

MAGNANIMITY – Take a broad view of things. Ignore other people's faults. Be great and high-minded in whatever you do. Avoid silly talk and childish prattle. Let not the mind dwell on little things and insignificant incidents. CHARITY – Give, give and give. Radiate thoughts of goodwill and love. Forgive other people's faults. Bless the man who injures you. Share what you have with others. Feed and clothe all. Disseminate spiritual knowledge to one and all. Use the material wealth, knowledge and spiritual wisdom that you possess as a divine trust, entrusted to you by God, to be distributed among His children.

The notion of oneself being identical with the body is the cause of egoism. It is this egoism that entangles all judgments of value in the preconception that knowledge is acquired through the senses and the mind or the intellect.

- Swami Krishnananda

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