Sunday 25 September 2016


Swami Sivananda

People have described Swami Chidanandaji. He is a doctor of doctors. He is a doctor of lepers. He is full of mercy. You must cultivate mercy! Again and again hammer the mind with ideals like “I am the Self of all creatures.” Practise compassion, service, humility and other virtues. Then shine like our Chidanandaji! This is my fervent prayer. You have heard so much today about Swami Chidanandaji. He who has the determination now, “I will try to become like Chidanandaji”, he alone will be benefited!

Religion Means 'To Do.' It is only the one two little acts that you actually do, that constitute religion and spirituality. To rise early and take the name of the Lord for ten minutes is what real dharma is.

- Swami Sivananda

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