Thursday 02 April 2015


Swami Sivananda

Look at this body. This is a house with two pillars. The walls are made up of rice, bread, dhall, and potatoes. This will fall down without giving ant notice. Jivatma dwells in this house. Do not perish as a prey in the snare of your sensual appetites. Do not fall like a blind man in the hidden pits of this world. Life is a lightning flash of breath. Time is but a thunder clap of death. Live in Atma. You will attain immortality. Go beyond time. You will attain eternity.

The light of life is Guru's teachings; the strength of life is trust in God. The wealth of life is virtue. The treasure of life is devotion to, Lord. The basis of life is Dharma.

- Swami Chidananda

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