Thursday 26 May 2016


Swami Sivananda

Brahman is Immortal Soul. Brahman is the source and the abode of all. Brahman is the One Self in all. Brahman is the Cause of the world. Brahman is the only Reality. Brahman or the Absolute is the Eternal Life, Eternal Light, and Wisdom Infinite. Brahman is unaffected by multiplicity. To know Brahman is to attain Him. To attain Brahman is to get rid of separateness. Knowledge of Brahman alone eradicates misery. Know Brahman and be free. Contd…

The discovery of a purpose in the operation of things, a purpose in nature as a whole, will land us in the necessity to know what the final purpose of the universe is. This is an inquiry into the nature of the Supreme Reality.

- Swami Krishnananda

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