Thursday 02 December 2021


Swami Sivananda

The parents should never utter any vulgar or obscene word before the child. If the parents are ethical, moral and spiritual only then will the children become so. Irreligious parents produce irreligious children. If the parents neglect the fundamental virtues of life, the children will imitate their parents and become worst materialists. Through proper effort you can surely train your children as ideal citizens, leaders, reformers, Yogis, Bhaktas and Jnanis. In training the child, mix discipline with love and tender care. The very first word you teach the child should be the Lord's name. Meet obstinacy of the child with firmness, spiced with love, and guided by understanding. Contd…

Religion Means 'To Do.' It is only the one two little acts that you actually do, that constitute religion and spirituality. To rise early and take the name of the Lord for ten minutes is what real dharma is.

- Swami Sivananda

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