Saturday 23 September 2023


Swami Sivananda

Purity of mind cannot be obtained without devotion to the Lord. Intense love for the Lord is real devotion. Divine love is the result of the conquest of the lower self. The whole being of man should be surrendered to the Lord without reservation. Then alone his whole life will undergo wonderful transformation. Desire and egoism are the two chief obstacles that stand in the way of self-surrender. Kill them ruthlessly. Eka Bhakti is unswerving, single-minded devotion to the Lord, which is a fundamental requisite on the path of Sadhana. Whatever else a man may do or may not do, he attains salvation by Japa or silent repetition of the Mantra or the Lord's Name constantly. In some, inner purification by Japa is achieved in ten years, in others in several births. Devotion to the Lord and Japa should be inseparable. When Japa is done without intense feeling of the awareness of the Lord, the result is very slight.

We do meditation in the morning and evening but during our activities and dealings with others during the day, we show petty-mindedness and selfishness. That obstructs our Sadhana and nullifies the benefits of our meditation.

- Swami Chidananda

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