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Yoga-Vedanta Course



The Yoga-Vedanta Forest Academy which is a unique institution, was formally consecrated by its holy founder most Worshipful Gurudev Sri Swami Sivanandaji Maharaj in1948 - His Sannyasa Silver Jubilee Year. Regular classes were commenced from the 3rd July, 1948. It is a Department of The Divine Life Society which came into existence in a humble way in 1936 and has now grown into a huge International Organisation.

The aim of the Yoga-Vedanta Forest Academy is not merely an academic equipment of students, but a providing of the requisite training to enable them in their endeavour to blossom into truly humane, serviceful, integrated personalities, so that they succeed, at least in an appreciable measure, in living a life of goodness and wholeness personally, and of dedication, unselfish cooperation and constructive work socially. It needs no special mention that this achievement in one's own person and in society is obviously rooted to the extent to which one's practical life is attuned to the Ultimate Reality of the Universe. Philosophical discipline, thus, is the precondition for leading a perfectly sociable, ethical and progressive life of an onward expansion towards the realisation of the Supreme Goal of existence. The teachers of the Academy will strive to hold aloft this objective set before the students, and are not just instructors in the well-known intellectual sciences. The basic spiritual foundation of all life is the principal motif governing the curriculum of the Academy, and students with this elevated spirit of quest will seek admission.


Two Months Courses

The Yoga-Vedanta Forest Academy will be conducting regular course in Yoga-Vedanta on a systematic basis. At present the Academy conducts 3 Courses in a year, each of two months duration. The details are as follows:-


FIRST COURSE: March to April


THIRD COURSE: September to October

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