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May He remove all obstacles in the spiritual path

 O All-merciful Lord! Through Thy Grace, may I realise the Truth. May I always entertain sublime thoughts. May I realise myself as the Light Divine. May I serve humanity with Atmabhav. May I be free from greed, lust, egoism, jealousy and hatred. May I behold the one sweet immortal Self in all beings. May I realise Brahman with pure understanding.

May that Light of lights ever guide me. May He cleanse my mind of all impurities. May He inspire me. May He bestow on me power, courage, and strength. May He remove the veil in the mind. May He remove all obstacles in the spiritual path.. May He make my life happy and fruitful. I bow to Thee, O God of gods, O Brahman of the Upanishads, Support for Maya and Isvara, the Bridge to Immortality.

Never complain against bad environments. Create your own mental world wherever you remain and wherever you go. There are some difficulties and disadvantages wherever you go. If the mind deludes you, at every moment and at every step, try to overcome the obstacles and difficulties by suitable means. Do not try to run away from bad, unfavourable environments. God has placed you there to make you grow quickly.


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