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Prayer to the Lord of Venkata Hill

O Lord of Venkata Hill
Tirupati or Balaji!
O Seven Hill Ranga!
Thou art seated at the top
Of this sacred Hill;
Thou art beyond
The seven planes and Sapta-dhatus.
And the seven Chakras.
When the Hundi is not full,
The temple priest ties Thy feet,
With the golden chain;
Lo! Thy Hundi becomes full at once.
I will also tie Thy feet now,
Not with the golden chain,
But with the chain of Love.
How can you escape now?
Please show Thy omnipotence now.
Thou art bound by love;
Thou art Bhaktavatsala,
Thou art Bhaktapriya,
Thou art Patitapavana;
Enthrone Thyself in my heart
And live with me for ever
This is my fervent prayer.

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