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by Swami Sivananda

Enquire "Who am I?" and realise the Self.
Make friendship with anyone after studying him very carefully.
After you have made friendship with anyone, never break it till the end of life.
Don't do wrong actions to gain something.
Don't speak harsh words.
Desire fervently to do righteous deeds.
Do always virtuous actions.
Control anger by forgiveness, patience and Vichara.
Don't prevent anyone from doing charity.
Parents are visible gods on earth.
Therefore respect, serve and protect your parents.
Don't harm others.
Hear the wise words of great souls and follow them.
Don't rob the wealth of others.
Do those actions that are pronounced to be right by the Sastras.
Remove Ajnana by getting Atma-Jnana.
Be in the company of sages.
Don't make friendship with childish persons.
Move with the world tactfully. Adapt.
Don't believe your enemies.
Follow the instructions of sages and the Sastras.
Give up bad company.
Don't eat much.
Don't talk much before great souls.
Don't be partial.
Become a Sattvic, noble man.
Tread the path of Truth or Moksha.
When you talk, don't omit anything.
Take some notes and talk freely.
Do daily Svadhyaya (study of religious books).
Avoid unnecessary discussions.
Don't brag or self-glorify.
Control desires.
Don't exaggerate or concoct or twist when you talk.
Begging is deplorable; begging is practical death.
Persevere. Be patient.
Nil desperandum (never despair).
Be grateful to that man who has helped you.
Learn when you are young.
Don't sleep too much (sleep maximum six hours).
Protect creatures or dumb animals.
Don't kill.
Become a vegetarian.
Feed another and then eat.
Share what you have with others.
Don't perform mean acts.
Develop Udarata (nobility or large heart).
Develop mercy and cosmic love.
Don't gamble.
Develop Sattvic virtues.
Don't speak anything that will provoke another's anger.
Whatever work you do, do it thoroughly.
Protect those who take shelter under you.
Till the fields and eat.
Take care of your health.
Observe the laws of hygiene and health.
Don't speak words despicable to wise men.
Walk with determination in the path of Righteousness.
Pray and meditate between 4 to 6 a. m. and 8 to 9 p. m.
Don't visit the houses of prostitutes.
Don't go to law courts.
Don't get discouraged under any circumstance whatsoever.
Talk distinctly with force and emphasis.
Speak truth only always.
Don't indulge in idle talk.
Don't do any action harmful to any one.
Think thrice before you do any action.
Don't eat too many sweetmeats.
Don't indulge in the use of intoxicants and liquors.
Take care of your property.
Don't attend cinemas.
Give up fashion.
Lead a simple, pious life.
Don't follow the evil advice of your wife.
Don't fight.
Don't blaspheme.
Develop far-sightedness.
Don't do sinful actions.
Do daily charity.
Worship God.
Keep daily memorandum note-book for jotting down.
Keep a daily spiritual diary.
Have a definite aim and ideal in life.
Discipline the Indriyas.
Take daily exercise.
Control breath.
Do selfless service in society.
Cultivate Sraddha and Bhakti.
Relieve the pains of others.
Give up pride, hypocrisy and cunningness.
Don't talk about your possessions.
Praise others always.
Talk by directly looking at another's face.
Observe Mauna daily for 2 hours.
Preserve Veerya.
Serve Mahatmas with devotion.
The world is unreal.
Give up back-biting and fault-finding.
Lead a life of contentment.
Control mind.
Seek happiness within.
Give up attachment, "I-ness" and "mine-ness".
Treat respect and honour as dung and poison.
Remember God at all times.
See God in all faces and objects.
Learn to discriminate.
Get knowledge of Self.
Rest in your Satchidananda Svaroopa

Go through these instructions carefully with one-pointed mind daily in the morning and live in the spirit of these instructions. This contains the essence of all Sadhana, the essence of four Vedas. Here is an inexhaustible spiritual wealth. Here is a spiritual treasure, which no dacoits can plunder. The unemployment problem is solved now. The miseries of the world are removed now. You will have a glorious and brilliant life, which is ineffable. You will have neither wants nor desires, neither torments nor anxieties, neither worries nor fear. You will attain immortality and everlasting bliss if you strictly adhere to these instructions. Become a practical Yogi. This is what I expect of you. This is the spiritual fee. This is the remuneration for the spiritual doctor who takes care not only of your physical body but of your mind and soul also. Dive deep and enjoy the spiritual bliss. Farewell Friends! Peace be with you all!


Na dhanam na jnanam sundarim Kavitam va jagadeesa kamaye
Mama janmani janmaneeshvare Bavatat bhaktirahaitukee tvayi

"I crave not for money, nor for wisdom, nor for a beautiful woman, nor for poetic genius, O Lord of the world; in every birth of mine may Ahaituki Bhakti (spontaneous devotion), grow in me towards Thee, O Lord. "

These are the words of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. Repeat this mentally at all times with meaning. This will produce in you true devotion, Vairagya to sensual objects and perfect self-surrender.

Dear friends, I have to point out to you that "Anantasastram bahu veditavyam, Svalpascha kalo bahavascha vighnah, Yat sarabhutam tadupasitavyam, Hamso yatha ksheeramivambumisram. The Sastras are endless; there is much to be known; time is short, obstacles are many; that which is essence should be grasped, just as the swan does in the case of milk mixed with water. "

That essence is Prem. Prem is the only Sara-vastu in this world. Drink this essence. Taste this honey of devotion. Drink this nectar of Immortality and attain the everlasting abode of peace and immortality which was attained by Tukaram, Tulsidas, Ramdas, Mira, Kabir, Prahlada and Dhruva of yore.

May the fire of devotion grow brighter in you all. May Lord Krishna bestow on you spiritual strength to control the Indriyas and the restless mind! May the blessings of Bhagavatas be upon you!

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