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The Atom Dance of Nature

by Swami Sivananda

The air that he breathed was friendly, intimate, conscious of life. He felt that all the world was 'home' to him, that he could never feel strange of alien to any place again; that the mountains, the sea, the distant lands which he had never seen, would be as much his own as the home of his boyhood. Everywhere he looked, he saw the 'atom‑dance' of nature; the air was filled with myriad moving pinpricks of light.

During these months, he went about his daily duties as usual, but with a hitherto unknown efficiency and speed. He was a student at college during this period, and passed all his examinations without looking at a textbook. His mind was bathed in a sea of Knowledge. Typed papers flew off his machine, complete without error in a fourth of his customary time. Fatigue was unknown to him; his work seemed like child's play, happy and careless. Conversing in person or over the telephone on any business, his inward joy covered every action and circumstance with a cosmic significance, for to him this telephone, this table, this voice was God, God manifesting Himself in another of His fascinating disguise.

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