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Manasic Puja

by Swami Sivananda

Manasic Pooja is preferable to actual Pooja of the Murthy with flowers, sandal‑paste etc. But beginners should start with physical Pooja. When they advance in devotion they can take recourse to mental worship. Sri Sankara's mental Pooja in the form "Atma Tvam, Girija Matih etc. , " is a beautiful way of worshipping God mentally. Get this Sloka by heart and before starting worship repeat this Sloka with Bhava. Mental Pooja consists in offering mentally flowers, Arghya, Achamaneeya, sandal‑paste, cloth, ornament, Naivedya, etc. , to God. Lord Siva was more pleased with the mental worship of Bhima than the actual offering of Bael leaves by Arjuna.

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