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Siva's Kirtan

For some, Kirtan or singing Lord's Name has no value. Even some Sadhus and Sannyasins have not realised the most potent effects of Kirtan. Kirtan does what Vedantic Nididhyasana and Yogic Samyama can do. It removes at once impurities of the heart, tossing of mind, and the veil of ignorance without much prolonged effort. That is the beauty of Kirtan. That is the marvellous benefit of Kirtan.

For some wise persons Kirtan is the only Sadhana. Sri C.R. Das remarked when he got down from the train at Lahore I am very hungry for hearing Kirtan. Tukaram, Mira, Saint Rup Kala, Saint Ram Das, Kabir, Purandara Das, Gouranga lived in Kirtan alone. It was their food, mental, spiritual and physical.

Some dry lip-Vedantins only pooh-pooh Kirtan. Real Vedantins do Kirtan. One cannot live without Kirtan. Even the lip-Vedantin does Kirtan consciously or unconsciously but arrogantly speaks against Kirtan to show to the world that he is a great Advaita Vedantin who is upholding the doctrine of Ajati Vada or the theory of non-evolution of the world. If he does Kirtan, the public will not consider him as an Advaita Vedantin. All persons of this world are Kirtanists. Even the breeze, trees, brooks, ocean-waves, burning fire, churning of curd, grinding of grinding stones, the beetles and the whistling of the engine sing Hari Om.

Siva's Kirtan is unique and unprecedented. It is quite a novel one. It has a charm of its own. It is Japa Sadhana or Mantra Yoga. Panchakshara, Ashtakshara, Devi's Mantras are sung rhythmically.

There are stirring Dhvanis or Namavalis to instil a new spirit and gushing joy in the hearts of the hearers. There are lulling Dhvanis to soothe the brain and nerves. There are Nama Kirtan, Guna Kirtan, Lila Kirtan and Yasha Kirtan Dhvanis. There is the Universal Kirtan. The names of the saints and prophets of all religions are sung. There are Shooting Dhvanis to awaken people when they sleep at night. There are two-party and three-party Dhvanis. There is the closing Santi Patha Dhvani. There are mixture or Manipravala Kirtan of Sanskrit, Hindi, Tamil, English, Urdu and Telugu. There are Nagar Kirtan and Akhanda Kirtan Dhvanis. There are Garjan or roaring Dhvanis of OM, RAM, which stir people. There are Jayajayakar Dhvanis. There are beautiful Vedantic Kirtan songs and Dhvanis. Ramayana and Bhagavata are sung in Kirtan form.

There are prayer and Stuti Dhvanis. There are Guru Vandana Dhvanis. There are Dhvanis for every Devata. There are songs with Dhvanis on Bhakti, Yoga, Vedanta, Sadhana, Philosophy and Upanishads.

Even rank materialists and atheists are moved by Siva's Kirtan. They sing and dance. Europeans, Christians, Muslims, Americans, sing his Kirtan and songs. Those who hate Kirtan become votaries of Kirtan. They find his Kirtan very palatable and relishing and soul-elevating.

May you all attain God-realisation easily and quickly through Kirtan!

Glory to the Lord and His Name which helps one to cross the formidable ocean of Samsara! Glory to Lord Gouranga, the father of Kirtan, Avatara of Sri Krishna and Radha! Glory to Siva, the modern Kirtan Samrat, who caters Kirtan to modern taste Eastern and Western.

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