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Song of Immanence of Ram

(Thars: Sunaja)

Om Sri Ram, Jaya Ram, Jaya Jaya Ram
Sri Ram, Jaya Ram, Jaya Jaya Ram
In earth, water, fire, air and ether is Ram,
In the heart, mind, Prana and senses is Ram,
In the breath blood, nerves and brain is Ram,
In sentiment, thought, word and action is Ram,
Within is Ram, without is Ram, in front is Ram,
Above is Ram, below is Ram, behind is Ram,
To the right is Ram, to the left is Ram, everywhere is Ram,
Vyapak is Ram, Vibhu is Ram, Poornam is Ram

(Sri Ram, Jaya Ram)

Sat is Ram, Chit is Ram, Anand is Ram,
Santi is Ram, Sakti is Ram, Jyoti is Ram,
Prema is Ram, mercy is Ram, beauty is Ram,
Bliss is Ram, joy is Ram, purity is Ram,
Refuge, solace, path, Lord, witness is Ram,
Father, mother, friend, relative, Guru is Ram,
Support, source, centre, ideal, goal is Ram,
Creator, preserver, destroyer, redeemer is Ram

(Sri Ram, Jaya Ram)

The goal ultimate of one and all is Ram,
Attainable through Sraddha, Prema, worship is Ram,
Accessible to devotion and surrender is Ram.
Approachable by prayer, Japa and Kirtan is Ram,
Hosanna to Ram, glory to Ram, victory to Ram,
Adorations to Ram, salutations to Ram,
prostrations to Ram

(Sri Ram, Jaya Ram)

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