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When this Asana is demonstrated it resembles the appearance of Garuda, the eagle. Hence it is called Garudasana.


First stand up quite straight. Place the right leg straight on the ground. Raise up your left leg and take it round the right leg. The left thigh should cross the right thigh. Just as the creeper encircles or winds round a tree, so also the left leg should wind around the right leg. Keep hands (arms) also likewise, one armalternately.
When you stand as instructed above, steadily bend and try to touch the ground with the toe of the leg that encircles. Then alone, you can get the maximum benefits of this Asana. You can take the help of somebody when you bend down. Both the legs have to be bent. You can do Basti (cleansing the bowels with water) in this Asana.


The whole weight of the body comes on one leg in this Asana, whereas in Kukkutasana the whole weight of the body comes on the two hands. The nerves and bones of the legs and hands are strengthened. The hands and legs are lengthened. A man may grow tall by the practice of this Asana. The nerves of the kidne winding round the other. The palms of the hands should touch each other. Make the fingers like the beak of an eagle. Keep the hands just in front of the face. Change the legs and hands ys also are strengthened. Sciatica, rheumatism of the legs and hands are cured. The bones of the vertebral column get developed and strengthened. Hydrocele and swelling of the testicles are cured. The muscles of the calves get developed. The nerves of the legs and hands are strengthened.

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