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Urdhva Padmasana

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Perform Sirshasana as mentioned before. Slowly bend the right leg and keep it on the left thigh and then the left leg on the right thigh. You must do this very carefully and slowly. If you can stand in Sirshasana for more than 10 or 15 minutes, then alone you can attempt this. Otherwise, you will have a fall. A gymnast who can balance himself on the parallel bars or on the ground can do this Asana quite easily. The practice of this Asana needs some strength. Breathe slowly through the nose and never by the mouth. Remain in the posture from 5 to 10 minutes in the beginning and gradually increase the time.

To start with practice this Asana by the side of a wall over a fourfold blanket. There are some other varieties in this Asana. They are not of much use.

Some persons will find it easy to do Padmasana first and then they will raise the legs slowly. Experienced persons can bring down the Padmasana to the ground and again they can raise the legs above as before. Those who practise this Asana should take some light tiffin, a cup of milk or fruit juice after finishing this Asana. Practitioners of Sirshasana and Urdhva Padmasana should keep up Brahmacharya. Then only will they realise the maximum benefits.


When any sort of prayer or Japa is done during the course of Asanas, it becomes a Tapas also. You will get Siddhis. In days of yore, Tapasvins used to stand on the head for a period of twelve years and repeat the Mantras of the Ishta Devata or Guru. You will find this in Maha Bharata in many instances. Japa or meditation in Urdhva Padmasana or Sirshasana touches the heart of the Lord deeply. He showers His blessings quickly. Many difficulties will be obviated. All the advantages of Sirshasana are derived from this Asana. He who practises this will have perfect control over the body.
Pandit Sri Suryanarayan, Advocate, Lakhimpur, practised this Asana. His memory had considerably increased. It cured spermatorrhoea or wet-dreams in Ganga Prasad, a student of M.Sc. class, and Narendra, a student of the Calcutta Medical College. Judge Kedarnath could turn out double the work in Courts and read books for many hours. You can also sincerely practise this Asana regularly and get the full benefits and live long in perfect health.

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