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Tolangulasana (Weighing Scale Pose)

This Asana when demonstrated will resemble the form of a weighing scale. Hence this is named as Tolangulasana.


Lie down in Padmasana as in Matsyasana. Place the palms of the hands underneath the buttocks. If you find it difficult to keep the palms below the buttocks, slowly rest on your two elbows by gradual reclining. Raise the head and the upper part of your body above the ground. Now the whole body will be resting on the buttocks and forearms. Press the chin against the chest. This is Jalandhara Bandha as you can comfortably keep and then exhale slowly. You can do this 5 to 30 minutes.


This Asana removes flatulence. Meru-Danda is expanded and developed. Owing to the tension of the abdomen, the faecal matter is pushed down to the rectum from the colon. As the chest considerably expands, the pigeon-chest is slowly removed and you will have a broad, fine chest. You will obtain the benefits of Padmasana. The muscles and the nerves of the arms and forearms get increased supply of blood. Therefore, they will become strong.

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