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Garbhasana (Child-in-the-Womb Pose)

When this Asana is demonstrated, it resembles the position of the child when it is in the womb. Hence this is called Garbhasana.


As described in Kukkutasana introduce both hands in the space between the thighs and calves. Bring out the elbows of the two hands. Catch hold of the right ear with the right hand and the left ear with left hand. You should perform the last stage of the Asana with great care. Because when you try to catch hold of the ears with the hands, you may fall down backwards. You will have no hands to support the body and you will be helpless. But by practice you can slowly balance the body on the buttocks. The body will remain steady after a few days' practice. If you find it difficult to perform the Asana, you can do it without the Padmasana. Catch hold of the ears or neck by introducing the arm behind the thighs. In this modified pose the legs will be stretching downwards. Remain in the Asana for 2 or 3 minutes. Repeat it five times.


The digestive power is augmented. Appetite increases. The bowels become quite free. You will get clear motions. Many intestinal diseases are removed. Hands and legs will become strong.

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