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Matchless Tribute to Swami Krishnananda

by Swami Sivananda

Look at the wisdom that Swami Krishnanandaji possesses. Kings and Presidents will bow at his feet. The world will pay homage to the dust of his feet. You should all take the dust of his feet and apply it on your forehead with great reverence and devotion. At what young age he renounced the world. What must be the depth of his yearning for knowledge. What must be the intensity of his Viaragya.

It is not easy to get a learned Anubhava Jnani Sanyasin like Swami Krishnanandaji to explain the truths of the vedanta so lucidly to you. How beautifully and thrillingly he explains the lsavasya Upanishad. Only if you have performed hard Tapasya in hundreds of previous births will you be able to sit at the lotus feet of Jnanis like him and learn the Vedantic truths.

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