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Just as volunteers come in front and obstruct the path of those who want to enter a conference Pandal without tickets, so also the old Samskaras of enmity, hatred, lust, jealousy, fear, honour, respect, etc., assume definite forms and obstruct the path of aspirants.

An intelligent and comprehensive understanding of the various obstacles that act as stumbling blocks in the path of God-realisation is indispensable. Then alone the aspirant will find it easy to conquer them one by one. Just as the sailor sails in and out of a harbour along a dangerous coast with the help of a pilot, so also the aspirant with the help of a detailed knowledge of these obstacles, and the methods to conquer them will be able to steer clear the ocean of spirituality. Hence I have given a very lucid exposition of the various obstacles and effective methods to conquer them.

The aspirant comes across various kinds of obstacles when he practises meditation. If he has an intelligent and comprehensive understanding of the various obstacles that stand in his way to God-realisation, and the suitable methods to conquer them, he can tread the spiritual path easily and overcome the obstacles without much difficulty.

The real and serious obstacles to meditation are from within only. They do not come from outside. Train the mind properly.

Be courageous friends! You will come across various obstacles when you endeavour to control the mind and enter into deep meditation and Samadhi.

Aspirants are requested to go through these very carefully often and often when they encounter difficulties in the path.

Every aspirant will have to face various sorts of difficulties in the spiritual path. Buddha, Uddalaka and Sikhidhvaja experienced great difficulties. You need not be discouraged on this score. Nil Desperandum. Never despair. Failures are stepping stones to success. Muster all your strength and courage and march afresh in the path with redoubled vigour and energy. Take some rest now.

No impediment can stand before a man of fiery determination and iron will.

Perfection cannot be attained in a single birth alone. The perfected sages are the products of the sum total of virtuous actions done in several births. Lord Krishna says in the Gita, "The Yogi, labouring with assiduity, purified from sin and perfected through manifold births, reacheth the supreme Goal!" (Chap. VI-45).


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