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Yoga Mudra (Yogin's sealing posture)


Sit on a folded blanket. Form a foot-lock by placing the right foot over the left thigh and left foot over the right thigh. In other words, assume the Padmasana posture. Keeping the head and spine erect, throw the hands to the back. With the left hand catch hold of the right wrist, behind the trunk. Exhale and slowly bend forward until the forehead touches the floor. Retain in this posture without inhalation, (or with normal breathing, whichever you feel comfortable) for ten seconds in the beginning. Concentrate on the forehead, abdomen and back muscles. Then, slowly return to the upright sitting position and release the hands. Gradually increase the duration from five to six minutes with normal breathing.

Variation: Instead of catching hold of the wrist, you may catch hold of the toes, the right toes by the right hand and the left toes by the left hand, as in the picture.


This removes abdominal disorders and tones up the abdominal organs of secretion. This also intensifies the peristaltic activity, removes constipation and increases the digestive power. This Asana also helps to awaken the Kundalini Sakti.

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