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The True Purpose of Life

by Swami Chidananda

I always used to make seekers take a second look, from a different angle, when they were in this type of problematic position when the early enthusiasm, anticipation - everything has worn off; and they seemed to have got stuck somewhere midway, neither here nor there making no progress. I would say, "This is all due to a wrong view that you have taken - that we have come here in order to attain God-realization, as though it is something, a distant goal to be attained and that, therefore, we should be up and doing and daily moving forward and upward in the direction towards that goal."

This is a view given in the beginning to attract the worldly-minded person. But then, in actuality, the life that has been given to us is meant only to be devoted to God, meant only to remember Him, meant only to pray to Him, meant only to glorify Him, meant only to proclaim to all the greatness and glory of God. There is no other purpose for life. And if you live a life engaged in glorifying God, constantly thinking about Him, taking His name and praying to Him, and standing witness to His divinity, His all-perfection, that itself is the fulfillment of life. You are justifying your existence by living in order to glorify God, living in order to proclaim His grandeur, His greatness, and living in order to be constantly immersed in Him.

There is no question of achieving something you have not achieved. If you live for God and constantly bear witness to His greatness and grandeur and glory, and if you do this all your life, then you have not lived in vain. You have lived a worthy life. All glory to you! This is a fact. You have fulfilled God's purpose in sending you here - to proclaim God's glory and to bear witness to His greatness in and through your life.

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