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Spiritual Diary

by Swami Sivananda

The Spiritual Diary is a whip for goading the mind towards righteousness and God. If you regularly maintain this diary you will get solace, peace of mind and make quick progress in the spiritual path. Maintain a daily diary and realize the marvelous results.

-Swami Sivananda

1 When did you go to bed last night?

2 When did you get up from bed?

3 How many hours did you sleep?

4 How many Malas of Japa?

5 How long in Kirtan?

6 How many Pranayamas?

7 How long did you perform Asanas?

8 How long did you meditate in one Asana?

9 How many Gita Slokas did you read or get by heart?

10 How long in the company of the wise (Satsanga)?

11 How many hours did you observe Mouna?

12 How long in disinterested selfless service?

13 How much did you give in charity?

14 How many Mantras you wrote?

15 How long did you practice physical exercise?

16 How many lies did you tell and with what self-punishment?

17 How many times and how long of anger and with what self-punishment?

18 How many hours you spent in useless company?

19 How many times you failed in Brahmacharya?

20 How long in study of religious books?

21 How many times you failed in the control of evil habits and with what self-punishment?

22 How long you concentrated on your Ishta Devata (Saguna or Nirguna Dhyana)?

23 How many days did you observe fast and vigil?

24 Were you regular in your meditation?

25 What virtue are you developing?

26 What evil quality are you trying to eradicate?

27 What Indriya is troubling you most?


4. One Mala of Japa is one full turn around the Japa Mala or rosary for a count of 108 repetitions of the Lord's Name or Mantr

5. You can perform Kirtan in any language you wish.

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