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Swami Santananda

Sri Chandrasekar, as he was known when he came to the Ashram. from Swami Jnanananda Ashram, Tirukkoilur (South India), hails from Tamil Nadu. He joined the Sivananda Ashram in 1957; a young man with an exceptional gift of melodious voice. He was ordained as a Sannyasin soon after his arrival and was named as Swami Santananda. By his soulful sweet

Kirtans he used to commence the daily Satsangas in the Ashram, which would transport him and the audience to the realm of ecstasy. Devotees used to forget themselves in bliss. This young and enthusiastic Swami was also a personal Secretary to Sri Gurudev, especially during the last few years of the Master when his physical frame needed great care and service due to age and ailments, which he did with all love and dedication. After an year of the Master's Mahasamadhi, sometime by the end of 1964, he felt an urge to live by himself and left the Ashram. His charming personality and sweet voice are irresistable and so wherever he went he attracted devotees in large numbers. Thus he soon found groups of Kirtan lovers gathering around him in different towns of South India, as well as in Malaysia and Singapore where the Indian population is quite large. He formed what is known as "Siva Family" in different places, the most dynamic of which is in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, where the Swami has established a large spiritual and cultural Centre, which is doing social, cultural and spiritual services under his inspiration and guidance.

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