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What Life Has Taught Me

I hold that real religion is the religion of the heart. The heart must be purified first. Truth, love and purity are the basis of real religion. Control over the baser nature, conquest of mind, cultivation of virtues, service of humanity, goodwill, fellowship and amity constitute the fundamentals of true religion. And I try to teach them mostly by example, which I consider to be weightier, than all precepts.

I consider goodness of being and doing constitutes the rock bottom of one's life. By goodness I mean the capacity to feel with others, and live and feel as others do, and to act so that no one is hurt by the act. Goodness is the face of godliness.

I have learnt that it is foremost duty of the man to learn to give - give in charity, give in plenty, give with love, give without any expectation. Charity is incomplete without charity of disposition, charity of feeling, charity of understanding.

To behold the Atman in every being or form, to feel Brahman everywhere at all times and all conditions of life... is my creed. To live in Brahman, to melt in Brahman and to dissolve in Brahman is my creed. By dwelling in such union with Brahman, to utilise the hands, mind, senses and the body for the service of humanity, for singing the Names of the Lord, for elevating the devotees, for giving instructions to sincere aspirants and disseminating knowledge throughout the world is my creed, if you call it one. To be cosmic friend and cosmic benefactor, a friend of the poor, the forlorn, the helpless and the fallen is my creed. It is my sacred creed to serve sick persons, to nurse them with care, sympathy and love, to cheer the depressed, to infuse power and joy in all, to feel oneness with each and everyone, and to treat all with equal vision is my highest creed.

I take immense delight in service. Service has elevated me. Service has purified me. This body is meant for service. I live to serve everyone and make the whole world happy.

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