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The World

After the transcendental Experience, Swami Sivananda found the drishya jagat (the world perceived through the senses) as a long-drawn dream. Its reality was, for him, as ephemeral as that of a dream. Yet he did not hate the world, nor has he undervalued its importance. He had always treated the world as a training ground, and as an opportunity for evolution of the individual soul. Here are some of his teachings on this subject:

This world is a vast school of experience. World is the best teacher for those who want to be benefited. Learn and gain.

World is an arena of developing various sattvic qualities.

The world is only a temporary resting-place for you. It is like a public inn. You are here to learn some lessons, which can help you in your spiritual progress.

This world is only a halting place. Persevere in your sadhana. Lead a life of selfless service, renunciation, dispassion and meditation.

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