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Swami Sivananda was one of the most regular and punctual persons ever. He was always there five minutes before time for all the programmes. He had fixed daily routine and fixed time for each activity - even for writing! And he always could maintain his very tight time-schedule. His eagerness to utilise every second most appropriately and profitably, made him to train and to shape his close disciples in that very mould. He used to move round the rooms of disciples between 3.45 and 4.00 in the early morning singing divine kirtan to wake them up! He would keep ready the daily assignment for disciples before the disciple came, and thus made them to work very hard and to utilise every minute at their disposal. In the first five minutes in the office, he would give different tasks to fifteen assistants to keep them busy and working hard throughout the whole day. That tradition of adhering to the time-schedule continues even today. All the activities of the Ashram always commence exactly at the scheduled time. Swamiji had mastered the art of making maximum utilisation of every minute at his disposal. Let us learn something from him through his inspiring teachings...

Time is more precious than money. Time is more precious than the most valuable thing in the world. It is the richest treasure. Time is the soul of the world. Time is life. Utilise time profitably; waste not even a second.

Time is the rat that cuts off the thread of life in this universe. There is nothing in the world, which the all-devouring time will spare. Time pervades and controls all things.

Life is not meant for eating, drinking, dressing and procreating. There is something grand and sublime behind. There is an eternal life of Bliss behind. Every second must be well utilised for the achievement of this goal of life.

Life is short. Time is fleeting. Obstacles are many. The world is full of miseries. People have risen to greatness and prominence by utilising every second profitably.

Keep daily diary. Reduce your sleep. Give up all the idle talk. Understand the value of time. Draw up a daily routine and stick to it tenaciously. Grow. Evolve. Expand. Get success in life.

Life is a link in the chain of time. If you waste time, you waste life. Do not postpone doing good deeds; for there is no certainty of life. What you propose to do tomorrow, do it today. What you propose to do today, do this very instant.

If you have wiped out tears of even one man, by a single word of comfort and cheer, by a single good deed, you may count that day well spent. You have done an act that is pleasing to the Lord. But if you have not done so, you have lived in vain that day.

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