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by Swami Sivananda


Attachment is the first child of Maya. This whole Lila of the Lord is kept up by the force of attachment. There is in the mind gummy substance which is like a mixture of castor oil, glue, gum-arabic, mucilage of tragacanth, gluten paste, honey, glycerine, jack fruit's juice and all other pasty substances of the world. The mind is glued, as it were, to the objects with this mixture. Therefore the attachment is very strong.

Selfishness causes attachment. Attachment is the root-cause for all the miseries and troubles of this world. Work incessantly without an identification. Then alone you can have real happiness. You will yourself feel that you are a different being. This is the master-key to open the realms of Brahmic Bliss.


Look out for an unchangeable, infinite and Supreme happiness which must come from a Being in whom there is no change. Search and find out such Being, and if you could only succeed in your quest, then you can get that unalterable happiness from Him.

Sensual enjoyment is attended with various defects. It is attended with various sorts of sins, pains, weaknesses, attachments, slave mentality, weak will, severe exertion and struggle, bad habits, cravings, aggravation of desires and mental restlessness. Therefore shun all sorts of sensual enjoyments.


Though the cow grazes on the pastures having been separated from the calf, her mind is always fixed on the calf only. Similarly you should fix the mind on God when you do Japa, and give your hand to work.

Renounce all attachment. Be balanced in success or failure, gain or loss, victory or defeat, pleasure or pain. Discipline your mind cautiously. This is your master-key to open the doors of the realm of Bliss. This is the secret of success in Yoga.

Feel and think that you breathe, live and work for God alone, in every second of your life, and that without Him life is absolutely useless. Feel the pangs of separation while at work if you forget Him even for a fraction of a second.


Let not your heart give way to trials. Be ever intent on your spiritual Sadhana. Learn to discriminate. Develop true lasting Vairagya by association with wise people.

Make the mind understand about the unreal nature of objects and the defects of a sensual life. Talk to your mind. Coax the mind. It will hear your words. Gradually the mind-wandering will cease. Then the mind will abide firmly in the centre of the source.

Become a Yogi. Yoga will put an end to all sorts of pain. Yoga will destroy all Kleshas (afflictions). Wake up. Open your eyes. Practise Yoga. My Child!


Destroy the Sankalpas or imagination of the mind. Discipline the mind in a perfect manner through discrimination, enquiry, dispassion and regular meditation on Atman.

Have a wide outlook on life. See God in everything, in every face. Give up all that is false and untrue. Pray fervently. Lead a life of virtue and happiness.

Renounce all your sorrows, fears and anxieties, and walk in the path laid down by the scriptures. You will attain supreme peace and eternal bliss.


Understand fully the aim and purpose of life. Yield not to temptations. Develop virtuous qualities like humility, forgiveness, tolerance, etc. Wish eagerly and fervently to attain God-consciousness. Have faith, interest and attention. You are bound to succeed.

Conserve all energy and utilise it for higher spiritual achievements in life. Purify. Be just. Be true. Be sincere in your attempts. Respect all prophets and saints. You will shine as a dynamic Yogi.

Keep the mind fully occupied. Sing the name of the Lord. Twirl the beads. Study the scriptures. Think of God and meditate upon Him with true devotion and feeling and merge in Him. This is the goal of life.


Mere hearing of eloquent valuable spiritual lectures will not do in the spiritual path. You will have to act according to them. You will have to give your whole heart, mind and soul to practice. Then only you will have progress in the path.

Follow the instructions of your master and the teachings of the scriptures to the very letter. Give no leniency to the mind. Exact, implicit, strict obedience to the instructions is expected of you.

Do not fight for rights. Think more about your duties and less about your rights. These rights are worthless. It is wasting of time and energy. Assert your birthright of God-consciousness. Realise this and become wise.


Know things in their proper light. Do not be deluded. Emotion is mistaken for devotion; violent jumping in the air during Sankirtan for Divine ecstasy; Rajasic restlessness and motion for divine activities and Karma Yoga; a Tamasic man for a Sattvic man; Tandri and deep sleep for Samadhi; Manorajya or building castles in the air for meditation; physical nudity for the Jivanmukti state.

Understand the laws of the universe. Move tactfully in this world. Learn the secrets of Nature. Learn to discriminate and become wise. Fight out the inner battle again and come out victorious!


Spiritual pursuits, and practice of Yoga are really sweet, but appear to be bitter; sensual pursuits, which are really bitter, appear to be sweet. This is due to the perversion of intellect caused by Avidya.

Select some good songs or Dhwanis and repeat them during night along with your friends and relatives. Even during day while working, you can sing the select Dhwanis of your Ishta Mantra. By this you will have continuity of Divine thoughts.

May you always shine with the divine splendour and inexhaustible wealth of Atma Jnana, which is the common property of all mankind!


Worry does great harm to the astral body and the mind. Energy is wasted by worry. It causes inflammation and drains the vitality of man. Nothing is gained by the worry-habit. Be vigilant. Keep the mind fully occupied. The habit will be eradicated. Keep the Divine Flame burning steadily. Have strong determination and strong will. Have courage, fixity of mind and a definite purpose of life. Be not wavering.

Wake up now from the deep slumber of ignorance. Never become a fatalist. Think rightly. Act rightly. Lead a virtuous life. Never hurt the feelings of others. Mould your character. Purify your mind. Concentrate. Fix your mind on the Lord.


Stick to any rule that, appeals to your reason. Follow it with faith and attention. You will evolve and reach the abode of eternal happiness. Performance of one's own duties brings happiness, quick evolution and freedom.

Events occur in succession or order. There is perfect harmony. The three things viz., desire, thought and action always go together. It is thought that moves the body to action. There is thought behind every action. If you entertain bad thoughts you will do bad actions.

Learn to become wise. Discriminate. Control the thoughts and desires. Watch your thoughts carefully. Do not allow any evil thought to enter the gate of the mental factory. Develop passion for Self-realisation. You will attain the goal of life.


God is great. Resign yourself completely to His Will. His Will is great and His actions are wise. Nobody can grudge or complain when the collective Karma is in operation. There is always a chapter of accidents in the history of Nature's work. Let us be sincere and offer our actions and fruits at His feet as Ishvararpana. Let us never forget Him. Let us pray for the Peace of the whole world.

May you be ceaselessly engaged in the pursuit of Atmic enquiry! May peace abide with you forever!


When you do Japa and meditation, if evil thoughts enter your mind, do not use your will-force in driving them. You will lose your energy only. You will tax your will only. You will fatigue yourself. The greater the efforts you make, the more the evil thoughts will return with redoubled force. They will return more quickly also. The thoughts will become more powerful. Be indifferent. Keep quiet. They will pass off soon. Or substitute good counter thoughts or think of the picture of thy Ishtam and the Mantra again and again. Forcibly pray.

Never miss meditation for a day. Be regular and systematic in your spiritual practices. Take Sattvic food. Fruits and milk will help mental focusing.


Collect all the rays of your mind. Turn the mind towards God. Persevere seriously in the pursuit of knowledge of God. Struggle hard. You will succeed.

Give up all sorts of fears, cares, worries and anxieties. Rest in the ocean of silence. Destroy all sorts of fears by the rod of Viveka and the sword of Vairagya.

Pray to the Almighty Lord for help and guidance. Thirst for His grace. Place your trust in Him. Do not be moved by difficulties. Difficulties strengthen your will and augment your power of endurance and turn your mind towards God. He will guide you in all your activities.


Lead a life of intense activity. Do not depend upon anybody. Rely on God alone. Give up idle talking. Remember God at every moment. Utter in every breath the name of the Lord. Centre your thoughts upon His lotus feet. Have strong faith in Him. Endeavour to make your faith a matter of adoration and love. You will enjoy Supreme joy.

Think rightly and clearly. Become a man of measured words. Do selfless service. Surrender the fruits of action unto the Lord. Pray to God for His mercy, Divine Light, purity and guidance. You will attain the Supreme.


Nitya Sukha (eternal happiness) and Paramasanti (Supreme Peace) can be had only in God.

Therefore pray to the Almighty Lord: "O My Lord! By entertaining various useless thoughts, by vain and wild imaginations by entertaining myriads of Sankalpas my heart and mind are afflicted with severe sores. Enough! protect me. O Lord, do protect me. Turn my mind towards Thy lotus feet. Make it rest in Thee for ever. This is my fervent prayer. This is all I want. Thou knowest my heart." He. will guide you in all your activities.


Cultivate right understanding and right thinking. Develop cosmic love. Eradicate selfishness. Practise Yama and Niyama. Develop virtuous qualities. Have faith in the existence of God. Pray to the Almighty daily. The Divine Grace will descend upon you.

Kill unholy desires through holy desires. Do not become lazy. Be ever up and doing. Break the evil of ignorance. Know thyself and be free.

Worship God in the poor and sick. Serve every one with intense love. Give your hands to work and mind to God. You will attain Supreme Peace, Bliss and Immortality.


Understand clearly the aim of your life. Chalk out the line of work that is congenial to your aim. Work hard to realise the ideal. Have your ideal before you and try every second to live up to it.

Develop a strong desire to remove carelessness and forgetfulness. Have confidence in your own powers and faculties.

Keep up your mental poise amidst the changes of the world without consideration of success or failure, gain or loss, pleasure or pain. Have the mind always rooted in God amidst activities. Use the blowpipe of "Teevra Vairagya" and intense concentration to kindle the fire of devotion.


God is the inner Ruler. He goads the body, mind and senses to work. Become an instrument in the hands of the Lord. Do not expect thanks or appreciation for your work. Do actions as your duty and offer them and their fruits to the Lord. You will be freed from the bonds of Karma. Your heart will be purified soon.

Repeat the Mantra, "I am Thine, All is Thine, My Lord. Thy will be done." Throw all burden on Him and be at ease. Do not keep any desire for you. Destroy egoism completely, by unconditional, unreserved and ungrudging self-surrender to the Lord. If your surrender is total and sincere, there is free flow of Divine Grace.


Work with a heart within and God overhead. Have a profound faith in the will of Providence. Meditate on the divine attributes of the Lord viz., mercy, cosmic love, beauty of beauties and All-pervasiveness. You will get success in life and God-realisation.

Keep open the portals of your heart by removing selfishness, greed, lust, so that the Almighty Lord may come and dwell therein. Give up all useless discussions and proceed straightaway in the quest of the Self or God. You will possess immense inner spiritual strength. Abandon all superstitions and doubts. Cultivate an indomitable will. Strive ceaselessly for Self-realisation. You will attain Supreme Peace, Bliss and Immortality.


Develop patience, tolerance, mercy and love. Practise Vichara. Enquire, "Who am I?" Serve others With Atma Bhava.

Have firm faith in Srutis and Sastras. Regulate your conduct when you deal with others. Prostrate before everybody mentally. Possess a keen longing for liberation and intense Vairagya. Be sincere and earnest. Develop your will-power. Conserve all leaking energy. Draw up a daily routine and stick to it tenaciously. Grow. Expand. Get success in life. Realise God.


Hold fast the lamp of Dharma. Entertain thoughts of Divine Love. Preserve equanimity in success and failure. Restrain the senses. Calm the mind. Fix it on God. Soar high in the realm of bliss. Behold unity. You will have cosmic vision.

Give up all sorts of fears, anger, care, worries and anxieties. Do not be disheartened by failures. Pain is the best thing in the world. It is an eye-opener. Never forget this.

Dear friend, can economical sufficiency and a few more comforts with electric lights, fans and sofas give you real peace and freedom, Shanti and Mukti? Certainly not. Search, understand and realise. Thy guide has come.


Watch your mind and thoughts. Introspect and practise self-analysis. Avoid evil company. Understand the way of Maya. Be on the alert. Be very humble and simple, remember God at every moment.

Remove arrogance, self-conceit and laziness. Develop humility to a maximum degree. Be sincere. Serve all with love. Respect your elders and parents. Lead a simple, laborious life.

Cheer up your spirit. Have Perfect trust in God. Keep the mind fully occupied. Practise daily meditation. Develop virtuous qualities. Sing the name of the Lord. Thirst for His vision. The Divine Grace will descend upon you. You will enjoy supreme Peace, Bliss and Immortality.


God is your heart. He is in you and you are in Him. Search Him inside your heart. If you do not find Him there, you will not find Him anywhere else.

This search after God is a question of supply and demand. If you really want God, if there is a demand for God, then the supply will come at once.

Give up clinging to illusory life. Be fearless. Take refuge in Vairagya. All fears will die away. Cling to the lotus feet of the Lord. Cling to the invisible, unseen Brahman. May the Almighty Lord guide you in all your activities.


Remove the veil of ignorance which is hiding your real Svarupa. Destroy egoism, the sense of duality, sense of separateness. Your real nature is Satchidananda. You are identical with Brahman. Never, never forget this.

Always protect yourself from evil influences. Do not allow the spiritual Samskaras to be obliterated. It is difficult to regain what is lost in spirituality. Exercise Vichara, Viveka, always. Utilise your will to resist evil influences.

Develop your will-power by driving desires, by Titiksha and great patience. Acquire peace by contentment, Santosha, Vichara, Satsanga and great patience. You will shine in your own glory.


Within you is the hidden God. Within you is the immortal soul. Within you is the inexhaustible spiritual treasure. Within you is the ocean of bliss.

Look within for the happiness which you have sought in vain in perishable sensual objects. Rest peacefully in your own Atman.

Surrender everything unto Him. Place your ego at His feet and be at ease. He will take complete charge of you. He will do everything for you. Practise. Feel. Assert. Enjoy the Supreme.


The practice of selfless service destroys sins and impurities and causes purity of Antahkarana. Knowledge of Self dawns in a pure mind. Knowledge of Self is the only direct means to freedom. Cooking is not possible without fire, so is emancipation without knowledge of the Self. Knowledge certainly destroys ignorance as light destroys thickest darkness.

Be absorbed in your work. Give your full heart, mind and soul. Do not care for the results. Do not think of success or failure. Do not think of the past. Have complete confidence. Practise self-reliance. Be cheerful always. Keep a cool balanced mind. Work for work's sake. Be bold and courageous. You are bound to succeed in any undertaking. This is the secret of success.


Do not grumble of bad environments. Create your own mental world and environments. Build up your character properly. Establish virtuous healthy habits.

Understand the glow, splendour and power of the Self which is at the back of your mind, thoughts, will and memory. Keep your body strong and healthy by regular exercise. Become a spiritual hero.

Shut out the doors of the senses. Still the thoughts, emotions and feelings. Sit motionless and calm in the early morning hours. Have a receptive attitude. Go along with God. Commune with Him. Enjoy abiding peace in the silence.


Discipline the mind and the senses. Cultivate noble virtues. Develop the four means. Hear the Srutis. Reflect and meditate on Atman. This will result in Self-realisation.

Have no blind faith. Reason out carefully and then accept anything. Annihilate lust, anger and greed. Share what you have mental, physical and moral with others. Take delight in serving others. All your egoism and arrogance will disappear.

In the lamp of the heart put the oil of Vairagya. Insert the wick of devotion. Now kindle the light of knowledge by constant meditation and see. The darkness of ignorance will be dispelled. You will be fully illumined.


Purify your heart and meditate. Dive deep into the innermost recess of the heart. You will find the Atmic pearl. If you search in deep water only, you will find the pearl. If you keep only to the shore, you will find broken shells only.

O friend! Wake up. Sleep no more. Meditate. It is Brahmamuhurta now! Open the gate of the temple of the Lord in your heart with the key of love. Hear the music of the soul. Sing the song of Prem your Beloved. Play the melody of the infinite. Melt your mind in His contemplation. Unite with Him. Immerse yourself in the ocean of love and Bliss.


Do not give a loose rein to the mind. Curb it ruthlessly. Annihilate it. You will soon cognise the Truth and attain the final emancipation. All pains, sorrows and delusions will terminate.

Renounce all your sorrows, fears and anxieties, and walk in the path laid down by the scriptures. Abandon the impure Vasanas, cultivate the pure Vasanas and practise regular meditation on the pure, All-pervading Atman.

Meditate on the Lord who is an embodiment of Light, Peace, Bliss and Knowledge. Do not waste the time in idle-gossiping, eating, drinking and sleeping. Life is meant for higher purposes. Come, come attain Immortality.


Meditation is the Grand Trunk Road to attain Godhead. Without that no spiritual progress is possible: Therefore, meditate. It will take you to the realm of Bhava Samadhi and make you drink the honey of Prema and Nectar of Immortality.

Therefore, withdraw your mind from sensual objects. Fix it at the lotus feet of the Lord. Merge in the Atman within. Practise silent meditation. Swim freely in the ocean of Atmic Bliss. Float in the Divine joy. Tap the source. March directly towards the fountain-head of Divine Consciousness and drink the Nectar.


Concentration is the only way to get rid of the worldly miseries and tribulations. Your only duty is to practise concentration. You have taken this body to practise concentration and through concentration to realise the Self.

When you read a book you must read it with concentration. There is no use of skipping over the pages in a hurried manner. Read one page in the Gita. Close the book. Concentrate on what you have read. Find out parallel lines in Mahabharata, Upanishads and Bhagavata. Compare and contrast.


Be calm under all circumstances. Cultivate this virtue again and again through constant and strenuous endeavour. Serenity is like a rock. Waves of irritation may dash on it, but cannot effect it.

Meditate on the ever tranquil Atman within, which is unchanging. You will attain calmness. The Divine Light will descend on a calm mind only. An aspirant with a calm mind only can enter into deep meditation and Nirvikalpa Samadhi.

Be sincere at heart. Care not for the perishable things. Care for the ever-lasting Reality only. Give up idle talk, long talk, big talk, tall talk and loose talk. Become silent.

Introspect. Look within. Try to remove your defects. Collect all your scattered thoughts and apply yourself in remembering God. Become very, very humble. Become an embodiment of good nature. Do always good actions. Serve. Love. Give. Make others happy.


Be still and realise the Truth. Be vigilant and destroy the Vasanas and Vrittis. The more the thinning of the Vasanas, egoism and Dehadhyasa, the greater the bliss of the Self.

May you attain Kaivalya or peace of the Eternal, leading the divine life, serving the poor and the sick, feeling the Divine presence everywhere at all times, in all faces and radiating joy and peace to all those who come in contact with you.


Do not be guided and influenced by public opinion. March boldly and cheerfully in the path of Truth, consulting your conscience and hearing the inner, small, sweet voice of the soul.

Keep company with one Sattvic man. Spend every second profitably. Serve sick people. Share what you have with the poor people. Unfold the Divinity hidden in the chambers of your heart. Repeat your Guru Mantra or the Mantra of the Ishta Devata mentally. Associate the idea of purity, infinity, eternity, immortality, Vyapaka, Paripoorna, Satchidananda, Akhanda, Advaita, Chidakasa, etc., with OM repetition. Do mental Puja also.


Do not act under the influence of sudden impulses. Do not be carried away by the force of emotions, however noble they may be. Be ever vigilant and diligent.

Avoid unnecessary worry. Be not troubled. Be not anxious. Do not be idle. Do not waste time. Do not worry yourself if there is delay in further progress. Wait coolly. You are bound to succeed.

Develop courage by constantly feeling you are Atman. Deny and negate the body idea. Practise, practise Nididhyasana always; all difficulties, tribulations will come to an end. You will enjoy unalloyed bliss.


Wake up from the dream of forms. Do not be deceived by these illusory names and forms. Cling to the solid living reality only. Love your Atman alone. Atman only persists. Live in Atman. Become Brahman. This is real life.

Approach the sages, the doctors of divinity with faith, devotion and humility. Take a dose of medicine called Jnana. Then the disease of Ajnana will be eradicated completely. You will attain everlasting peace.

Do not be deluded by Maya. Be calm as the waveless ocean. Be broad-minded as the sky. Be pure as the crystal. Strive ceaselessly for the realisation of the Atman. Be patient as the earth. You are bound to succeed. You will succeed. Rest assured.


Lead a life of intense activity. Keep always a calm mind. Mentally repeat your Ishta Mantra. Mix with all. Serve all with Atma Bhava. See God in them.

Do not be afraid of difficulties and failures in the spiritual path. Difficulties will develop your will-power. Failures are stepping stones to success. Use your intelligence, sagacity, discrimination and commonsense. You will overcome the difficulties one by one.

Stand adamant. Be cheerful. Dismiss fear and anxiety. March boldly in the spiritual path. Do not be discouraged. Draw courage, strength and power from within. Be cautious. Thou art Invincible. Nothing can harm you. Remain serene always. Smile and rejoice in the Atman.


Have an eager, receptive attitude to imbibe the teachings of your master. Be absolutely guileless, frank and candid like a child. Have unshakable faith in the words of your Guru or Srutis.

Be ever ready to serve. Serve with pure love, kindness, and courtesy. Never show a weary or gloomy face when you serve. Live a life of utter devotion to service.

Develop sympathy, affection, benevolence, tolerance and humility. Have a catholic or liberal view. Give a place for the views of all. You will have an expanded life and a very large heart. You will attain the exalted state of Buddhahood.


Develop joyful nature. Have an amiable nature, a modest and unassuming temperament. Understand the secrets of nature. Develop your will-power. Conserve all leaking energy. Move tactfully in the world. You will have much peace.

Do not waste your precious hours in idle talk. Cut short the conversations. Be humble and simple. Do everything as Ishvararpana. Accept your faults openly and endeavour to rectify yourself in future. Pray fervently to the Almighty God. You will realise Him quickly.


Allow the waves of love to arise constantly in your heart. Feel the warmth of the Divine Love. Bask in the sunshine of Divine Love. Taste the bliss of the eternal life.

Do not murmur when you encounter difficulties, troubles, diseases and sorrows. Be courageous. Endure them with patience. Turn your mind towards God. Cultivate serenity of mind. Educate your will. You will possess tremendous inner spiritual strength. You will have rapid spiritual progress.

Conquer your difficulties one by one. Do meditation daily. Realise the ideal of life. Become a magnanimous Soul. You will enjoy Supreme Bliss.


You are born for higher things. A glorious brilliant future is awaiting you. Do not think of the past. Purify. Concentrate. Reflect. Meditate. March forward. Find thy rest in the Supreme Soul.

Do not be troubled by difficulties, adversities and sorrows. They instil mercy in thy heart. They will help you in developing your will and power of endurance. They will make you wise and help you in your evolution.

Be courageous. Never despair. Draw strength from within. Move forward. Feel the Divine Presence everywhere. See the Divine Glory all around. Dive deep into the Divine source. You will realise the infinite Bliss.


Speak kind and sweet words. Have Satsanga of Mahatmas. Eat moderately. Take care of your health. Cultivate fellow-feeling and universal brotherhood.

Do not waste your precious hours. Find out your evil habits and remove them. Thou art the best judge in this direction. Try to minimise the time spent in useless company. Be on the alert. Speak little.

Feel that the whole world is your own Self. Feel that all beings are your own Self. Develop universal love. Live in God. Be kind to all. Take refuge in the Lord. Meditate on the Lord. You will realise. The divine light will descend upon you.


Attune your heart to the Lord by doing fervent and sincere prayer daily. Lay bare your heart to Him. Do not keep any secrets. Talk to Him like a child. Be humble and simple. Implore Him with a contrite heart to forgive your sins. Beseech Him to bestow His Grace. Do not depend upon human help. Rely on God and God alone. You will get everything. You will get His Darshan or vision.

Be regular in your Japa, Kirtan, meditation and study of Gita and Bhagavatam. Regularity is of paramount importance in spiritual Sadhana. Never forget this.


Surrender completely to the Almighty Lord. Fix your mind on Him. See Him in all faces. Sing His name. Work for Him. Think of nothing else than Him.

He is your guide. He is your light. Remember Him at all times whether it is pleasure or pain. He will cheer you up. He will come and save you from all your difficulties, as He protected Prahlada. He will give you light, love and wisdom.


Man is dragged to places where he can get the objects of his desires. God gives suitable surroundings according to the nature of the desires of the man for his growth and evolution. This is the greatest law of nature.

If you once understand this which guides your life and action, you will be able to act in such a manner as to make this law your ally and helpmate rather than your adversary. So long as the conditions laid down by a law are meticulously fulfilled and observed, you can have the fullest certainty of your success in any direction.

Understand this law carefully. Discharge your duties carefully. You will soon attain God-consciousness and you will become one with the Law-giver.

If you once understand this which guides your life and action, you will be able to act in such a manner as to make this law your ally and helpmate rather than your adversary. So long as the conditions laid down by a law are meticulously fulfilled and observed, you can have the fullest certainty of your success in any direction. Understand this law carefully. Discharge your duties carefully. You will soon attain God-consciousness and you will become one with the Law-giver.

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