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by Swami Sivananda

The realization of oneness in all existences, manifested and unmanifested, is the goal of human life.
Until man recognizes the fact that in essence he is the immortal soul, he will not know himself; through ignorance he identifies himself with the body. When knowledge dawns through annihilation of ignorance, identification with the body vanishes. He becomes one with the Supreme Soul and attains knowledge of Brahman.

When the electric lamp is covered by many wrappings of cloth, there will be no bright light. When the cloth is removed one by one, the light grows brighter and brighter. Even so, when the self-resplendent Atman which is covered by the five sheaths is stripped off, by meditation on the pure Self and the practice of 'neti neti' doctrine, the self-luminous Atman reveals itself to the meditator.

All religions are equally good. God is the fruit of any religion truly practiced. Make no mistake about it. God is one. Truth is one. The colour of the cows may be different, but milk is white.

Do not run from sect to sect. Do not jump from creed to creed. You will derive no peace. Peace does not come by fretting and fuming. Out of calmness and strength ensues peace. Acquire calmness and strength by living your religion and by practicing its precepts.

Dive within; introspect. Search within. See if you are practicing the tenets of your own faith. If the answer comes 'No,' make a firm resolve 'I will be true to my faith right from this moment' and live up to your resolve. Peace of mind is bound to follow as day follows night.

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