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What Does Yoga Teach You?

by Swami Sivananda

Yoga teaches you the truth that every one has within oneself various potentialities and capacities. Man has within himself tremendous powers and latent faculties of which be has really never had any conception. He must awaken these dormant powers and faculties by the practice of Yoga. You can transmit your powerful, soul-stirring, beneficial thoughts to others; because, Yoga tells you, you are an image of God, nay, you are God Himself. The inner essence in you is Omnipotent. The moment the veil of ignorance enshrouding you is rent asunder you will shine in all the Splendour and Glory of the Effulgent Reality.

Everyone of you is a power in yourself. You can influence others. You can radiate joy and peace to millions upon millions of people far and near. You can elevate others even from a long distance. Take to Yoga-practice and awaken your dormant powers. Awaken yourself to the conscious realisation of the Divine Light in you. Let your neighbours actually feel how entirely a changed being you are, a superman. Let them smell the Divine Fragrance from you. A full-blown Yogi can never be concealed. His healing powers, his spiritual Purity, his all-embracing Love, his selfless actions, his magnetic personality will be felt by everyone with whom he comes in contact. Just as fragrant fumes emanate from scented sticks, so also sweet spiritual fragrance will emanate from the body of the Yoga-practitioner the moment he attains perfection in Yoga. There is a peculiar charm in his smile, and great power in his words emanating from his heart. He produces a very profound impression upon the minds of everyone he comes in contact.

Within you is the hidden God, the immortal soul, within you is the inexhaustible spiritual treasure. Within you is the fountain of joy and happiness. Practise. Feel. Assert. Enjoy the Supreme

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