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Practise Meditation

by Swami Sivananda

neophyte should remember again and again some important Vedantic texts daily. Then only his doubts will be removed. Then only he will be established in the path. These texts are: Being only was in the beginning. One without a second Chhandogya Upanishad VI-2-1; In the beginning all this was one Self only Aitareya Upanishad VI-2-1; This is the Brahman, without cause and without effect; this Self is Brahman perceiving everything Brihadaranyaka Upanishad II-5-19; That immortal Brahman before Mandukya Upanishad II-2,7.

Concern yourself with the present only. Do not look back upon the past or the future. Then alone you will be really happy. You will be free from cares, worries and anxieties. You will have a long life. Destroy the Sankalpas through strenuous efforts. Meditate ceaselessly upon that Satchidananda Brahman and attain the supreme immaculate seat. May you prosper gloriously! May you live drowned in the ocean of Brahmic bliss in an illumined state!

This immortal Atman cannot be attained without constant practice. Therefore he who wishes to attain immortality and freedom should meditate on the Self or Brahman for a long time.

The real solitary place is Brahman who is one without a second. There is neither sound nor colour here. There is no disturbance of any sort here. The only companion for you in the beginning of your practice is Brahman. When you become That during deep meditation, you are left alone (Sivah Kevaloham).

Atman is the fountain-source of energy. Thinking on Atman or the source for energy also, is a dynamic method for augmenting energy, strength and power.

If you once think even for a second of the all-pervading, pure, immortal, Satchidananda Atman or Brahman, this is tantamount to taking thousand and eight dips in the sacred Triveni the junction of holy rivers at Prayag. This is the real mental sacred bath. Physical bath is nothing when compared to this internal bath of wisdom or knowledge.

Worship God or Atman with the flowers of Jnana, contentment, peace, joy and equal vision. This will constitute real worship. Offerings of rose, jessamine, sandal paste, incense, sweetmeats and fruits are nothing when compared to the offerings of Jnana, contentment, etc. These are the offerings given by ignorant persons.

Try to identify yourself with the eternal, immortal, ever pure Atman or soul that resides in the chambers of your heart. Think and feel always: I am the very pure Atman. This one thought will remove all troubles and fanciful thoughts. The mind wants to delude you. Start this anti-current of thought. The mind will lurk like a thief. Be careful.

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