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Equal Vision

by Swami Sivananda

he state of equal vision is much misunderstood. Equal vision is with reference to the one common consciousness or Atman or the immortal soul in all beings. Giving apples or grapes to the pigs is not equal vision. They will not like them. They will like only their own delicious food. A Jivanmukta who has equal vision will not embrace all women who pass on the road saying 'I have equal vision in man and woman'. He will not walk on his head saying, 'I have equal vision in legs and head'. He will not eat faecal matter saying, 'I have equal vision in rice and faecal matter'. He will not eat through the anus saying, 'I have equal vision in anus and the mouth'.

Body is mistaken for Atman and licentiousness is practised in the name of Vedantic equal vision by people of small understanding.

The Sruti declares, He who sees all beings in the Self (Atman) and the Self in all beings, shrink not from anything thereafter. He who sees the One Atman or the Supreme Self in all beings, how can there be delusion or grief for him, how can he be afraid of anything? (Isavasya Upanishad 7, 6, 7). The Self harmonised by Yoga sees the Atman in all beings, and all beings in the Self; everywhere he sees the same (Gita VI-29). Sages behold the one Atman in a Brahmana adorned with learning and humility, a cow, an elephant and even a dog and an outcaste and thus have equal vision (Gita V-18).

Behold the one Atman in all beings. This is equal vision.

You can have Bhavana-Advaita. You cannot have Kriya-Advaita. If there are three litres of milk and if there are twenty inmates in an Ashram, the three litres should be given to the six sick persons only.

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