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Mind, Its Manifestations and Resistences

by Swami Sivananda


Face is the index of Mind. Face is the mould of the mind. Every thought cuts a groove in the face. A divine thought brightens the face. An evil thought darkens the face. Continued divine thoughts increase the aura or halo. Continued evil thoughts increase the depth of dark impressions just as the continued striking of a vessel against the edge of a well while drawing water makes deeper and deeper hollow on the vessel. The facial expression truly advertises the inner state of the mind or the true contents of the mind.


So long as there are desires or Vasanas, you cannot have knowledge of the Self. So long as you have no knowledge of the Self, you cannot destroy desires completely. This is a Chakrika or paradox. The more you thin out desires or Vasanas the more you are near to Atman or the Goal. Subha Vasanas will not bind you. Japa, meditation, Vichara are subtle Vasanas. A desire for liberation is a subtle Vasana. Increase the subtle Vasanas. The evil Vasanas will perish by themselves.


Fight with evil is fight with the mind. Fight with senses is fight with evil. Fight with desires is fight with the mind. Fight with matter is fight with evil. Fight with matter is breaking all attachments, that bind you to this world. Fight with desires and cravings is fight with ignorance. Conquest over mind, senses, desires and matter is the greatest victory. It bestows Immortality and eternal bliss, and makes you real King of kings.


A new Radio is fixed. All its parts are quite all right. But the message is not received. This is due to a particle of dirt in it. If the dirt is removed, all the messages and songs will be heard distinctly. Even so in the big radio of the mind if there is dirt of bad character of evil quality, it cannot express true joy, bliss, love, the spirit of self-sacrifice, the aroma of truth. Remove the dirt of evil trait. Fill the mind with divine virtues. You will shine with Brahmic aura. You will shed the light of Self-illumination.


A creeper grows. You allow it to ascend on a stick. Every day you tend it, and move it in the direction you want. If you do not tend it for a week, it will move in its own way. It will not serve your purpose. It will look ugly. Even so, you must tend the creeper-mind daily. Then alone can you bend it easily. You can mould it properly, you can control it easily.

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