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Lessons in Analogies on the Mind

By Swami Sivananda


Mind is very treacherous. It will hurl you down in the abyss of ignorance. - Peetva Peetva Punar Janma na Vidyate. Drink, again drink, there is no rebirth. It will say - Give up Sadhana; you will not gain anything; there is no bliss beyond senses. The world is real. There is nothing like sensual pleasure. Enjoy it to your heart's content. Hear not the voice of the mind. Swim against the mind current. Mind is your bitterest enemy. Bear this always in your mind. Treat the mind as such. Disconnect yourself from the mind. Ever stand as its silent witness. Do not become one with the mind and its Vrittis. Ever introspect and practise self-analysis. The mind will lurk as a thief. It cannot do any havoc. It will gradually be tamed. It will become your obedient servant.


Sensual pleasures are nectar in the beginning; but they are venom in the end. Co-operate not with the mind. This is the way to thin out the mind. This is the method to control the mind. If the mind says: - Go to cinema say to the mind: - I will attend the Sadhana Week, and immediately proceed to Ananda Kutir. If the mind says - Attend the Nautch party, take part in Akhanda Kirtan and Satsanga. If the mind says: Eat eggs, meat, eat spinach, fruits and milk. If the mind says: - Read novels, newspapers study the Gita, the Upanishads and practice of Karma Yoga. If the mind says: - Take part in horse race go to Badrinarayan and Gangotri. If the mind says: - Gamble in Deevali practise vigil and do Kirtan whole night. If the mind says: - Go to the club for gossiping and cards' play attend the Satsanga and do Japa intensely.


Ghee has two states, viz., solid and liquid. Mind is like ghee. In the waking state it is solid. In the deep sleep state it is in a state of liquid. In the solid state it is limited and gross. So it has finite experiences. In the liquid state it is limitless and so the Jiva experiences the homogeneous, limitless bliss. In the deep sleep state there is no ego or individuality. There is no desire also. Hence it experiences limitless bliss of the Atman.


When rice has its own individuality it can be differentiated. When it is powdered nicely and made into a thick paste rice loses its individuality. It is all one mass of homogeneous paste. Even so in deep sleep state mind is like the rice-paste. There is no differentiation here. It is a homogeneous mass. Mind can be compared to ice in the waking state. It can be compared to water, in the state of deep sleep.


A writer writes many books with the help of the fountain-pen. The fountain-pen is only an instrument of the writer. The fountain-pen should not think - I have written all these books. All the credit should come to me only. Your mind, senses and the body are only instruments in the hands of the Lord. God does everything: Feel like this, and abandon the doership or the agency. You will be freed from the bonds of Karma.


The stainful mind has not the benevolence to consider others' happiness as its own. So it is ever reeling. The mind has not the complacency to rejoice at another's virtues. Therefore there is no internal contentment. The mind becomes unstable and restless through desires for objects. When the mind is not centred in the Atman, man desires for objects. A mind attached to the pleasures of the senses leads to misery in the shape of births and deaths.


Vritti is a wave in the mind-lake. Lust, anger, etc., are evil Vrittis in the mind. Faith, devotion, dispassion, discrimination, courage, mercy, are good Vrittis in the mind. Jealousy is a form of continuous anger. Arrogance is a form of pride. Insolence is overbearing nature. Irshya is a form of jealousy. Greed intensifies desire, destroys peace of mind and retards spiritual progress. Vismriti is the confused understanding of one who is swayed by evil propensities like passion, anger, greed, etc. Cultivate good Vrittis. The evil Vrittis will die by themselves. Do not attack the evil Vrittis directly.



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