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Nine Modes of Bhakti

by Swami Sivananda

The nine modes of Bhakti are the ways in which a devotee attains the Supreme Ideal of Life. Any devotee can take up any of these paths and reach the highest state. The path of Bhakti is the easiest of all and is not very much against the nature of the human inclinations. It slowly and gradually takes the individual to the Supreme without frustrating his human instincts. It follows the Arundhatee Nyaya or the Shakhachandra Nyaya of logic instead of the Bhramara-Keetaka Nyaya of the Vedantins. It is not direct assertion of God, but a progressive realisation of Him.

1. Sravana - Hearing the Lord's virtues, glories and stories
2. Kirtana - Singing of the Lord's Glories
3. Smarana - Remembrance of the Lord at all times
4. Padasevana - Serving the Lord's Feet
5. Archana - Worship of the Lord
6. Vandana - Prayer and prostration unto the Lord
7. Dasya Bhakti - Servant sentiment with God
8. Sakhya Bhakti - Friendship sentiment with God
9. Atma-Nivedana - Self-surrender to God

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