Wednesday 19 May 2021


Swami Sivananda

Service keeps you quite fit and healthy. Service gives you immeasurable joy. Service prepares you to take up Vedanta. Service enables you to worship God truly. Service generates the Advaita Bhava or unity. Service induces compassion and mercy. Service gives longevity. Vedanta without service is a husk. Bhakti without service is barren. Therefore, serve all with Atma Bhav. All knowledge is vain if you do not serve with love and affection. All service is empty if there is no love, affection and sincerity. If you serve with love, selflessly, God is behind you; The strength of the whole world is behind you. Therefore serve with love, sincerity and devotion. Selfless service is love made visible.

Renounce all attachment. Be balanced in success or failure, gain or loss, victory or defeat, pleasure or pain. Discipline your mind cautiously. This is your master-key to open the doors of the realm of Bliss. This is the secret of success in Yoga.

- Swami Sivananda

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