Wednesday 27 January 2021


Swami Sivananda

The substratum or basis for this world is Ananda. The world rests on Ananda or bliss. It has come out of Ananda. Ananda is Atma or Brahman. Ananda pervades the whole universe. The whole world has no existence apart from Ananda. The effect is not different from the cause. The effect, world is not different from the cause, Brahman. As the Cause, Brahman is Ananda or Bliss, There is reflection of bliss in the effect, the world, There is pleasure in the objects of this world. The whole creation proceeds from Ananda. It is sustained by Ananda. It is finally absorbed in Ananda. As a rule the effect is not separate from the cause. How can the world, then, be distinct from Brahman or Ananda?' The essence of the world is the same as Brahman or Ananda.

The more we try to depend on God, the more He seems to test us with the pleasures of sense and the delights of the ego. Finally, the last kick He gives is, indeed, unbearable. Those who bear it are themselves gods.

- Swami Krishnananda

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