Monday 23 May 2022


Swami Sivananda

Follow my teachings. Follow my instructions. Listen to me not out of reverence, but out of reason. Then practise. Then realize. The greatest service you can render me is: Know thyself and be free. Make your life a dynamic manifestation of divine love and wisdom. Be radiant with the light of purity, simplicity, humility, sincerity, integrity and nobility. Be fragrant with the fragrance of righteousness, inner spiritual life and Self-realization. Attain that inward stillness and silence where the lips and the mind are still, through regular meditation and discipline of the senses. Be still. Know the Will of God. Do His Will. Contd…

Those who have once tasted the love for God pray to Him for nothing else but for the boon of this divine love. Before love for God everything else is like a piece of glass before a diamond – worthless, essenceless.

- Swami Chidananda

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