Tuesday 30 November 2021


Swami Sivananda

Educate the child properly. Any type of fear element must be kept away from the child as virulent poison.Do not frightens the child. The child must not know what fear is. Development of body and intellect alone, without moral discipline, will produce selfish man and women who will have no feeling or sympathy for the poor, or reverence for the elders and the wise, or respect for life. Self-restraint, respect for spiritual values, and selflessness are seriously lacking in the people of the world. Fie on him, the pundit of dry intellect. Has he any practical wisdom? He is far away from the real. He has married sin. Contd…

God has not only created all these sense objects and put you amidst them but He has also created another wondrous, spiritual dimension, compared to which this world of sense objects is like a little glow-worm before the midday sun in a clear summer sky.

- Swami Sivananda

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