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Be Divine

by Swami Chidananda

The Highest that a man can achieve comes to him who allies all his faculties of body and mind with virtue, devotion, humility, the spirit of service and absolute surrender. We can reach the Transcendental only after being established in Sattva. Upanishads give the glory of the Atmic nature and touch upon Sadhana; Gita touches upon the glorious nature of the Self and gives in detail, the Sadhana.

The true identity of human being is the God-nature. For, the individual soul is part and parcel of the Universal Soul. Awaken and unfold perfection that lies within your innermost center, where one is not man but God, where one is not human but is Divine. Truth becomes not only one's shield, it becomes one's fortress also.
God works by manifesting within us a keen longing for purity. Through purity comes devotion and through devotion comes dispassion, vairagya, through dispassion and renunciation comes the ultimate. One attains Immortality and Peace that passeth understanding.

What is man's concept of God? He is an ocean of compassion. Therefore, the one practice that ultimately make jnana and dhyana fruitful is the divinising of one's life to be compassionate, merciful, forgiving, kind, to have consideration for others, to be good and to do good. Act not from your human level but act from your divine level.

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