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How to See God?

by Swami Sivananda

The personal aspect of that Being is termed 'Isvara', 'Allah', 'Hari', 'Jehovah', 'Father in Heaven', 'Buddha', 'Siva', etc.

The impersonal aspect is called "Brahman" by Vedantins, "Unknowable" by Herbert Spencer, "Will" by Schopenhauer, "Absolute", "Noumenon" by some, and "Substance" by Spinoza.

Religion is faith for knowing God and worshipping Him. It is not a matter for discussion at a club‑table. It is the realisation of the true Self. It is the fulfilment of the deepest craving in mind.

Therefore hold religion as the highest prize of your life. Live every moment of your life for its realisation. Life without religion is real death.

"Remove selfishness. Calm the passions. Remove egoism. Purify the heart. Analyse your thoughts. Scrutinise your motives. Cleanse the dross or impurity. Realise God. " This has been the essence of the preachings of all prophets, seers and sages of all times. Read the teachings of Buddha, Jesus, Mohammed, Confucius, Shinto, Chaitanya, Sankara or any other prophet. This is the essence of Sadhana. This is the way to God. God‑realisation is your chief duty.

Just as a charioteer restrains the restive horses through the reins, so also you will have to curb the restless "Indriyas" (the horses) through the reins of Viveka and Vairagya (discrimination and dispassion). Then alone you will have a safe journey to Atman or God, the sweet, eternal abode of peace and bliss.

Be righteous always; never deviate from the path of righteousness. You are born to practise righteousness and lead a virtuous life. Truth is established in righteousness. Stand upright. Be bold. Be fearless. Practise Truth. Proclaim it everywhere.

A man who speaks truth, who is merciful and liberal, who has Kshama and Santi, who is free from fear, wrath and greed, who is innocent and loving is really God or Brahman. He is the real Brahmin. Those who are destitute of the above virtues are Sudras only.

How can you obtain His Grace, if you have no humility and if you do not make ungrudging, unreserved, unconditioned self‑surrender to the Lord? The Lord knows what is good for you better than you do. To resign yourself absolutely to His Will is even higher form of worship than visiting temples and shaking the bell, and doing all sorts of ritualistic ceremonies. The Lord does not want your external show. He wants your heart. Say once more: "Thy Will be done. I am Thine. All is Thine" from the bottom of your heart, Antarika. Be sincere. Weep for Him out of Prem (pure love). Cry in solitude out of devotion. Let the cloth be drenched in profuse tears.

Close your eyes. Destroy the Vasana (of body, world and book‑lore). Withdraw the mind. Merge in Him. Drink the nectar of immortality now.

A real devotee of Lord Krishna sees Krishna and Krishna alone in the whole world. He has a new Yogic eye, a new spiritual vision.

It is simple foolishness to think that you are separate from the rest of the world. You are one with all. In injuring Visvaranjan you injure yourself. In loving Chandrasekhar you love yourself. Separation is death. Unity is eternal life.

O friends! It is not very difficult to have Darshan of God. It is not very difficult also to please Him. He is everywhere, within all. He is seated in your hearts. Think of Him always (Sakara, Saguna). Pray fervently: "O Lord! Have mercy upon me. Open my inner eye-the Divyachakshus. Let me have Thy Grand vision-Visvaroopadarshan. Bhaktas sing about Thee as "Patitapavana" (purifier of the fallen ones), "Bhaktavatsala" (lover of the devotees), "Deenadayalu" (merciful towards the helpless). Just as the bird protects the young ones under its wings so also protect me under Thy wings, O Ocean of Mercy! "

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