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Sivananda - A divine beacon

"Swami Sivananda is undoubtedly a Divine Beacon whose light spread far and wide for the spiritual uplift of humanity."

- Sri Swami Ramdas

"Swami Sivananda is the most perfect manifestation of the Divine in our times. His one great aim has been to lead every human being to the Lord. His life has been the tallest light-house which has been shedding its rays for all to see and follow the right path."

- Maj. Gen. Dr. A.N. Sharma

"Swami Sivananda lives but to show others the path of God."

- A.B.N. Sinha

Swami Sivananda, the Founder of the worldwide organisation, The Divine Life Society, was a kind-hearted saint with unbounded love for all beings and passion for helping others. He was ever eager to help everyone in all respects. He was a source of inspiration and the most reliable spiritual guide for the aspirants all over the world. He never made any distinction with respect to caste, creed, cult, religion, nationality or gender. He was always very respectful to everyone - may he be a saint or a sinner, a realised sage or an atheist, a scholar or a child.

A Spiritual Guide: He was recognised by contemporary saints, sages and spiritual thinkers, as an enlightened soul who had attained the highest state of union with the Absolute. But, instead of remaining reclusive enjoying the supreme Bliss, he preferred to help and guide others, to help the seekers in spiritual ascent and in attaining that Supreme Bliss.

Sri K. Raghuramiah, Deputy Defence Minister of India has observed: "It is not very difficult to be erudite in philosophy. But what is extremely rare and significant is to meet one whose very presence, without a word, uplifts you out of the morass of mundane existence and gives you a glimpse, as it were, of the Life Eternal. Like countless others all over the globe, I too found that sublime soul in Swami Sivananda, a constant and unfailing source of Bliss and Enlightenment".

Swamiji endeared himself to all by his most sincere selfless service. He saw the all-pervading Spirit in all beings and served them with the bhav (feeling) of worshipping the Lord Himself.

People from all over the world came to him and found in his presence divine peace and bliss; all their doubts were cleared without admonitions or long arguments and the obscure spiritual path became clear and inviting. Even a brief chance-meeting turned atheists into devotees. He made the visitors at home by his simplicity, sincerity and informality. This imposing personality reflected divine love, bliss and peace. He could come down to the level of a common man and give practical instruction in his day-to-day life also. He could become childlike with children. He could laugh heartily and make others also laugh.

Even the first-time visitor felt as if he knew Swamiji for ages and Swamiji was his own, and would ever love him, adore him, and accept Swamiji as his Guru, his spiritual preceptor. Thus Swamiji who was without any traits of Gurudom was accepted as Guru by millions of people all around the world!

He wrote about 300 books. He put even the most incomprehensible and intricate mystery of the scriptures in an easy-to-understand simple language. And many readers became his followers. He even gave his glimpse to seekers during meditation or in dream even in far-off places, and guided them onto the proper spiritual path, and even today - long after leaving his physical form - he continues to do so. He is the one Guru who has transformed the lives of millions of people of various religions, all over the world. Swamiji left his mortal body in 1963.

But he continues to remain ever a spiritual guide and inspirer of mankind through:

The Divine Life Society and its large number of branches, sub-branches, centres, etc. spread all over the world undertaking various philanthropic and spiritual activities.

His writings consisting of about 300 books covering various aspects of life, explaining even the most abstruse and intricate mysteries of the scriptures, in an easy, simple language.

His broad outlook and philosophy which are based on the fundamental principles of all religions.

A large band of selfless, dedicated monks.

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