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Outgoing Tendencies of the Senses and the Need for Self-Control

Brahma created the senses with outgoing tendencies. The eyes want to see beautiful forms. The ears want to hear good music. The tongue wants sweet things and so on, all due to outgoing tendencies of the senses or Rajas. Man thinks he can get happiness from external objects. "If I have some money in my pocket I can have good coffee in the morning. I can command most delicious dishes. I can keep myself perfectly healthy. I can have a bungalow like some rich people. I can own a summer house in a hill station. I will furnish the room in this way and that" and so on the mind plans and runs towards the external world to have more money, more comforts. There is no end to one's exertion to possess objects of pleasure. Yet through gratification of the senses, man does not attain peace.

The mind is a mischievous imp. It will often revolt. It will ask you "why should I take Sattvic food? Why should I get up at 4 O' clock?" All of a sudden various kinds of doubts will crop up which will try to bring down the aspirant. Being placed in the world of objects you are liable to be carried away by the currents. You get immersed in the old Samskaras of how to get money, how to get this and that. Maya deludes you every moment. You devote much attention to fashions, in dressing yourself and so on. When you have 4 shirts you want 6 more and so on; wants multiply. These are the thoughts which occupy your mind. You will, therefore, have to tackle this mind carefully. The positive always overcomes the negative. This is the law of nature.

So long as your senses are not subdued or weakened, you will have to practise Tapas or self-restraint, Dama or Pratyahara.

When the electric lamp is covered by many wrappings of cloth, there will be no bright light. When the cloth is removed one by one, the light grows brighter and brighter. Even so, when the self-resplendent Atman which is covered by the five sheaths is stripped off by meditation on the pure Self and the practice of 'Neti-Neti' doctrine, the Self-luminous Atman reveals Itself to the meditator.

Sit down with a composed mind. Assert your mastery over the body and the mind. Plunge deep into the chambers of the heart and enter into the stupendous ocean of silence. Listen to the voice which is soundless.

Purify the heart first and then climb the ladder of Yoga steadily with courage and undaunted spirit. Climb onwards swiftly. Attain Ritambara Prajna and reach the summit of the ladder, the temple of wisdom, where the cloud of virtue or nectar drizzles from Dharmamegha Samadhi.

Build your spiritual life on a sure foundation, on the rock of the divine grace and strength of your character. Take refuge in the Lord and His eternal law. There is no power in the heavens or on this earth that can bar your march now. Success in Self-realisation is certain. Failure exists not for you. There is light on your path. All is brilliant.

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