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Daily Routine for Night-Duty People

by Swami Sivananda



Kirtan, prayer and 1 Mala of Japa

0.30 mts. (after duty is over)


6.00 to 7.30 hrs.

Silent Japa

0.30 mts. after getting up from bed

Asana, Pranayama

0.20 mts.

Rest, bath and food

1.30 hrs.

Study of Gita and Mantra writing

0.30 mts.

Tratak, Japa and Dhyana

1.30 hrs.

Household duties

1.15 hrs.

Svadhyaya of religious books

1.10 hrs.

Self analysis, introspection and spiritual diary

0.30 mts.

Food, dressing and going to office

0.45 mts.

Office duty

8.00 hrs.

Note-If there be leisure during office hours silent mental Japa or study of spiritual books can be done.

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