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Real Svarajya is Atma Svarajya

by Swami Sivananda

From the Transcendental viewpoint, what is this Svarajya in this earth-plane after all? What is this political gamble? It is all a play of children. In one sense from the highest viewpoint, all the leaders of the world are wasting their time, life and energy. Had they directed their energy and mind towards Yoga and transcendental Atma Svarajya, they would have become great divinities on this earth and done more spiritual good to the world. These great men would have taken to Nivritti already, had they really understood the glory and necessity of Nivritti Marga, had they come in contact with great sages, had they a real grasp of the purpose of life, goal and the nature of the Svarupa of the Atman, mind and the world. A little comfort able living, a little bread with butter and jam cannot relieve the sufferings of the people, cannot give salvation or Absolute Independence and Freedom to them, cannot remove ignorance, the root cause of all human miseries and of births and deaths. Wise men, with great talents, should attempt to give spiritual food to the people and make their lives lofty, worthy, sublime and grand and make them Immortal.

Nachiketas was tempted by Lord Yama in a variety of ways. Yama offered him limitless dominion, countless celestial damsels, numberless chariots, long life and abundant gold. What did the boy Nachiketas say? My Lord! These things last till tomorrow. They wear out the vigour of all the senses. Even the longest life is verily short. Keep thou thy chariots, the dance and the music. No man can be made happy by wealth. Only that boon which I have chosen is fit to be longed for by me; grant me that boon, the Knowledge of the Self which can make me Immortal.

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