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Success in Kaivalya

by Swami Sivananda


Then the mind is bent towards discrimination, and is attracted towards Kaivalya.


The mind which was bent upon worldly things is now bent upon discrimination. Such a mind is naturally attracted towards Kaivalya. The Yogi has no other thought than the idea of Kaivalya. He now knows that the mind or Prakriti is entirely distinct from the Soul or Purusha. He becomes absolutely fearless. All sorrows melt now. All Klesas totally vanish. He feels his absolute freedom now. He has reached the highest goal of life. He has the highest knowledge.


In the intervals, arise other thoughts from the old Samskaras


Even though the mind of the Yogi is full of the idea of Kaivalya, at intervals the previous Samskaras overpower him. There comes break in his knowledge. All these Samskaras also should be obliterated or entirely wiped out. Then he will have continuous knowledge without any break. This is the meaning of this Sutra. In the interval between one Vritti and another Vritti, extraneous Vrittis born of Purva Vasanas may try to enter as foreign bodies and may break the continuous stream of discrimination and Kaivalya.


Their (old Vasanas) destruction is by destroying like the afflictions (described in Sutra II-10).


The Vrittis that manifest in the internal, lose their force and energy gradually and become like burnt seeds and so do not trouble the Yogi. The old Vasanas should be completely destroyed by the same way as the afflictions are destroyed, i.e., by meditation and by resolving the mind back into its primal cause, i.e., by attaining Samadhi.

Kaivalya is not a state of negation or annihilation as some foolishly imagine. It is perfect awareness. It is like Amalaka fruit in the palm of the hand. It is the highest state of bliss and knowledge. It is the highest goal of life. It is the eternal life in the spirit or pure consciousness. It is the state of absolute peace, where cares, worries, fears, anxieties, tribulations, sorrows, Vasanas and Trishnas do not torment the soul. It is the state of eternal sunshine and perennial joy. It is a state that cannot be adequately described in words. How can you describe the sweetness of sugarcandy? It is the state which is to be realised and felt through Aparoksha-anubhuti, one's own experience through Vairagya, Sadhana and Samadhi.

When the Purusha has completely disconnected himself from the Prakriti and its effects, when he has realised that his happiness does not depend upon external objects, when he has recognised his own glory and independence, and when he feels his absolute freedom, then alone he has attained Kaivalya.

The Purusha realises His own native state of Divine Glory, Isolation or Absolute Independence. He has completely disconnected himself from the Prakriti and its effects. He feels his absolute freedom and attains Kaivalya, the highest goal of Raja Yoga. All Klesha-karmas are destroyed now. The Gunas having fulfilled their objects of Bhoga and Apavarga now entirely cease to act. He has simultaneous knowledge now. The past and future are blended into the present. Everything is 'now'. The sum total of all knowledge of the three worlds, of all secular sciences is nothing, nothing; it is mere husk when compared to the infinite knowledge of a Yogi who has attained Kaivalya. Glory, glory to such exalted Yogins. May their blessings be upon us all!

Om Santi Santi Santih!

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